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Makita M4301 240V Jigsaw Review

Finding a good jigsaw that balances price and delivery can be challenging. In most cases, you might have to pay hundreds of pounds for you to purchase a jigsaw that is a good performer. It is not easy to find a cheap power tool that is also a beast in what it does. However, the Makita M4301 defies the odds and offers you a good jigsaw that is available at a very friendly price.

What’s the price?

The best part is that the onboard features of this jigsaw are worth the mention, and they help you have an easy time when working on your projects. We will be exploring the jigsaw in this article to help you have a better picture of it and give you a picture of what you will be getting when you purchase it.

The M4301 Overview

The Makita M4301 comes from a reputable brand, and it is one of the best budget jigsaws out there. Even with its low-price tag, this fella is capable of handling projects excellently without any problem. It is lightweight and generally very user-friendly. There are some settings onboard that assure you of an easy time when you need to make any adjustments

Features and Functions


Powered by electricity, this jigsaw is sure of handling even the high-demanding projects with ease. It comes with a 450watt motor that is capable of spitting top speeds of 3100RPM. This way, you can handle it to make curved and straight cuts through metal, plastic, wood, and many more materials. There is no limit when you use this unit on different materials.

As you’d expect, the machine comes with a trigger for controlling the speed. This allows you to set the ideal speed for each project accordingly.


It is obvious that this jigsaw is made of all-metal construction. This makes it strong and durable enough to serve you for a long time. The robust design of the jigsaw means it can truly take a beating. Even so, this jigsaw only comes in at 1.9kgs.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting ability of this jigsaw is worth the mention. It comes with three orbital settings, along with a straight cut, optimum cutting action, and bevel cutting. The bevel cutting allows you to cut 45 degrees left or right. With the optimum cutting action, you can select it by turning the lever. This is very easy to do.

The stroke length of this jigsaw is 18mm, while it can deliver a maximum cutting capacity of 6mm when slicing through steel. However, it can go deeper when cutting through the wood as the max cutting capacity is at 65mm.

User Experience 

Working around with Makita M4301 is easy breezy. First off, it is lightweight in design and it’s meant to give you an easy time when handling. You won’t experience exhaustion even when you are working on your projects continuously.

There is a two-finger trigger switch, along with a lock-on button that is located conveniently. This helps you to use it easily and continuously, which then betters the control of the whole unit. The ergonomic design of the machine is also worth pointing out. Thanks to the rubberized soft grip, you can be sure of having a strong grip when you are controlling the machine.

Also onboard is a dust extractor that will suck out the dust from whatever material you are cutting through. You can hook up your vacuum to get rid of the sawing dust and keep the workspace tidy. This also allows you to see the cutting line better.

There is also a hex wrench onboard, which allows you to make fast and easy blade changes. It also lets you make bevel changes with ease.


  • All-metal, sturdy construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic design with a rubberized handle
  • Easy to make blade changes and bevel adjustments
  • Features a two-finger trigger switch for easy control


  • The motor might struggle if you cut on thick materials with a high-speed setting


For those that are short on money and they need a reliable jigsaw for handling their projects, Makita M4301 would perfectly do. The jigsaw comes with a number of features that make it a good performer. It is very easy to use, and the ergonomics make it a comfortable unit to use with better control. Making adjustments and changing the blade is also easy.

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  • 3 orbital settings
  • Bevel cutting
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Double insulated
  • 240V

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