Metabo KGS216M

Metabo KGS216M 1500W 240V Sliding Mitre Saw Review

The Metabo KGS216M is a tool that gives you the quality features you get from the top brands without paying the huge price tag. Despite not being made by a manufacturer who is a household name, the tool does hold its own in a very competitive market.

What’s the price?

While the design won’t catch your attention when you look at it, the one thing you’ll be buying this for is its cutting capabilities. You will be able to make light work of materials like plastic and wood however, it falls short when it comes to cutting metal. Below is a much more detailed look at its key features.

Key Features Of The KGS216M

  • Power – Metabo KGS216M has a 1500W motor that gives you all the cutting power you need to easily slice through plastic and wood which are the materials that people work with a lot. Even though it doesn’t fare well with metal, you should have no issues with those materials mentioned above.
  • Amazing blade – The blade on this tool is 8 inches in length and has 40 teeth. This is more than enough for you to get the smooth finish you need on some materials however, you can always buy more blades on the market.
  • Great cutting depth – The cutting depth you get on this tool is 65 mm which is good enough to cut reasonably sized planks and timber however, it will not go through larger construction materials. The cutting width of this tool is 12 inches which are around 305 mm and this can do some serious cutting and a great finish.
  • Laser guide – there is a laser guide that you can use to improve your accuracy when working in dark areas or building sites with poor lighting. The mitre angles on this tool can go up to 45 degrees either to the left or the right side.
  • Dust collection system – The air around you is kept dust free and clean thanks to this desire because all the dust is collected in a bag which can be easily emptied. This is good for anyone who finds themselves working in tight or confined spaces because breathing in dust for a long person of time can bring serious health problems.
  • Light – When you are working in areas where the lighting is bad, this feature offers you visibility while cutting giving you more accuracy and safety.
  • Fence and clamp – This clamp is there to ensure that any material you’re cutting especially large ones like timber are clamped down properly and don’t move to keep you safe from harm.


  • Amazing customer feedback – Customers like Metabo KGS216M because of its durability and the ease it can cut materials like plastic and wood.
  • Great customer support – While their service has a long way to go to reach the levels of other established manufacturers like Bosch and Dewalt, they are on hand to help any customer who has an inquiry about their tool.
  • Value for money – If you are looking for something that has some lovely cutting features without having to pay a huge amount of money, this is the perfect tool to buy.
  • Covers and guards – The robust build of this tool means that blades are covered every time the tool is not in use to avoid injuries.


  • Will take up space during storage – Since this tool is bulky and weighs 19 kgs, storage can be an issue if you have very little space in your home. Check your storage area to ensure you have enough space before you buy this tool.
  • Can’t cut metal – This tool is only designed to cut plastic and wooden materials. If you want to cut metal, you might want to buy a more powerful model because this one can’t cut metal.

Final Thoughts

The Metabo KGS216M is a top-quality tool that has gone under the radar because of more established brands like Makita, Dewalt, and Ryobi. Even though the tool is not made by a well-known manufacturer, it brings a lot to the table like the ability to cut wood and metal easily. Many customers are full of praise for it even though it doesn’t handle metal very well and it does take up story space because it is bulky. Other than that, what you get here is a tool that is powerful and has a great cutting capacity.

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  • Sliding function
  • Accurate cutting
  • Robust design
  • Turntable
  • 240 Volts

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