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Meterk MKCS01 750W 3500RPM Mini Circular Saw Review

The  Meterk MKCS01 is one of those two that will make quick work out of soft metal, wood, and title thanks to its two blades. You should always take your safety very seriously when you’re working with power tools because you can either hurt yourself or those around you.

The mini circular saw has aluminum alloy covering the upside of the blade to ensure you are always safe when you use this tool. On top of that, it has sawdust on the side that you can rely on to keep your work environment clean and tidy.

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Key Features Of The MKCS01

  • 6 practical blades – The Meterk MKCS01 is an incredible tool that comes with 4 pieces of 115 mm or 4 ½ inch blades including 2 pieces of diamond blades which can be used to cut cement of tiles, 2 pieces of hss diamond pieces for cutting soft metal and plastic and 2 pieces of 125mm or 4 9/10 inch 24T TCT blade for slicing wood with ease.
  • Strong motor – A power tool that doesn’t have a strong motor to do the jobs you want is unreliable. It will not get the job for you making it important to always check the strength of the motor before buying a tool. When it comes to this jigsaw, the motor can produce a speed of 3500 RPM and you can use this speed to cut plastic, tiles, wood, metal, and cement. You will be amazed how effortlessly it cuts the materials mentioned above.
  • Laser guide – If you are looking for a tool that allows you to achieve a straight cutting line, this is the tool to buy because it has a laser beam to guide you. Anyone who doesn’t have a steady hand or just looking for a bit of help with their accuracy will find this feature extremely useful.
  • Scale ruler – This ruler allows you to accurately measure the width or the length of the material you are cutting to ensure you get the results you want. Just like the feature above, anyone who is an amateur or a beginner, this is a very useful feature.
  • 45-degree bevel cut – The Meterk MKCS01 gives a 90-degree straight line cutting which enables you to have a cutting depth of up to 48mm. Its max bevel cutting depth is 45 degrees which means you will always meet your needs every time you cut.


  • Double security – For you to open this machine, you need to press the switch and safety buttons simultaneously. Fitted with an aluminum alloy lower guard, it moves counterclockwise when you’re cutting and will release quickly once you stop cutting. This prevents you from accidentally touching the blade and causing harm and injuries to yourself.
  • Durable – The MKCS01 is a tool that is guaranteed to be in your possession for a very long time because it is made out of strong materials. These materials mean it can withstand day to day use without showing any signs of wear, tear, and even dents. If you are a professional by trade, there is a very high chance you will be working with strong materials like metal and wood and you will want a machine that’s able to hold its hold.
  • Sawdust – The sawdust on this machine allows you to have a dust-free workplace. All the debris from cutting materials is collected in this sawdust and can be easily disposed of when you’re finished with your work. You do have to worry about cleaning up after yourself when you’re done.


  • Can’t lock the saw – The main complaint that plenty of people have is the lack of a lock on the saw. This means taking the blades off and putting them on can be a real pain.

Final Verdict

The Meterk MKCS01 is great a good tool to start cutting materials with if you are a beginner because it has a laser guide. Many people out there always complain about how many other jigsaws on the market don’t have laser points. When you purchase this, you get a machine that’s reliable, durable, versatile, and affordable. It has a double security layer to ensure you are safe, a strong motor, and a ruler to ensure your cuts are precise.

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  • Powerful Motor
  • 6 Practical Blades
  • Laser Guide
  • Scale Rule
  • Max. 45° Bevel Cut

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