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Meterk MKSC02 1500W / 4700RPM Circular Saw Review

As far as budget circular saws go, the Meterk MKSC02 is as good as they come in a market full of many similar products. Even though the pierce is low, it does give you a respectable amount of raw power thanks to a 1500 W pure copper motor. It has a built-in laser guide as well as a depth gauge.

These features give you a very high level of accuracy every time you’re cutting materials. Rotating this tool isn’t an issue because it can rotate 90 or 45 degrees. This makes it very versatile for those cut bevels a lot of DIYers and professionals like to make as well as angled mitre cuts. There is an angled guide attachment on this machine tool which makes bevel cuts very easy. You get a 45 mm cutting depth at 45 degrees and 65 mm at 90 degrees.

What’s the price?

Key Features Of The MKSC02

  • Laser guide – The Meterk MKSC02 has a laser guide that has a ruler to make your cuts straight and accurate. Your final finish will look professionally done thanks to the red laser which is hard to miss. Keep in mind that the laser guide needs two battery cells to work and those are provided to you upon purchase. You don’t need to look for them in the shops or online.
  • Powerful motor – You get a high performing 15 Amp 1500 W copper motor that is strong enough to deliver up to 4700 RPM. This will enough to cut PVC pipes, plasterboard, plastics, and wood.
  • Two blades – The package comes with two 185 x 20 x 2 mm cutting blades. One of the blades is a 24 Teeth Blade and the other is a  40 Teeth Blade. If you wish the change the blades, that can easily be done thanks to the hex wrench included in the package.
  • Flexible 90 degrees and 45 degrees Bevel cutting – You can adjust the cutting angles. First, the maximum depth of cut at 90 degrees is from 0 to 65mm. The bevel capacity at 45 degrees is from 0 to 45mm. This tool also comes with a parallel guide attachment which offers you straight, precise cuts easily and quickly.
  • Ergonomic design and safe – The tool has a very comfortable grip to ensure you don’t get tired quickly while you are working while the double safety switch stops the machine from accidentally opening.


  • Impressive package when you purchase Meterk MKSC02 – There are so many things you get when you buy this machine. When you open the box you will get the 1500W Circular Saw, a 24T Saw Blade, a 40T Saw Blade, a Hex Wrench, a Parallel Guide, 2 Cells for Laser Guide, a User Manual, and a 24 Month Quality Promise Card.
  • Budget-friendly – As pointed out above, this is by far one of the best budget-friendly saws money can buy due to its affordable price. If you don’t have enough money for a high-end model, this one is a great alternative for cutting wood, steel, and metal.
  • Durable tool – There is no denying that you will use this tool for many years because it is made from very strong materials. It doesn’t matter whether you are using this saw on wood, metal, and material, it will hold its own.
  • Great tool for beginners – Features pointed out above like the laser guide especially make this perfect for beginners. If you are about to handle a power too for the first time, you would consider this tool.


  • Needs a tool to change blades – You are given a hex wrench which one must know how to use to change the blades effectively. If you don’t know how to change the blades using this tool, you are better off purchasing a tool-less blade change model.

Final Verdict

Overall Meterk MKSC02 is one of the best saw you can buy at a very affordable price. Next time you’re on the lookout for a saw, don’t overlook this one because you will get two 180mm blades with your purchase as well as a 24 tooth blade that’s tailor-made for cutting wood and 40 tooth one for cutting metal, plywood, and tile. The hex wrench is there for easy blade change and there’s a double safety switch for safety.

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