Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+

Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+ 18V Reciprocating Saw Review

The Ryobi RRS1801M is a tradesman and DIYer’s dream product because it’s very affordable and gives you power, performance, and quality. It’s color and design stand out from most saws and since it is part of the Ryobi One+ family you will be saving yourself a fortune on accessories. The Ryobi One+ family is made out of tools like cordless jigsaws, hammer drills, and more.

What’s the price?

Parts and accessories like chargers and batteries from those tools are compatible with this one. Speaking of batteries, the tool needs one to work and the best ones to use are the 18V lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are a favorite for many people because they not only last long but also charge quicker. The saw is filled with features that anyone can find useful and below are some of the key ones.

Key Features Of The RRS1801M

  • An adjustable shoe – This feature was put in there for blade use optimization. This means you can use the blade at multiple different angles and get fantastic results.
  • Maximum stroke length of 22mm – A stroke length of 22mm is amazing considering you don’t get much length in other models. You can cut through 180 mm of wood with the Ryobi RRS1801M as well because of its long blade.
  • Easy blade changing mechanism – Many saws in the market require you to have an Allen key if you want to change blades on your tool. This can be very time consuming if you have no idea how to do it properly. Fitting in a mechanism that makes it easy to change blades was very clever from Ryobi because you can attach and remove blades without the need to buy a specific tool.
  • Impressive power and speed – speed and power go hand in hand when it comes to power tools. The higher the speed a tool has, the quicker it can cut through materials. The maximum top speed you get using this machine is 3100 RPM and this can be controlled via a trigger. You can go switch speed midway through a cut if you want because of the quality control mechanisms that work superbly.


  • Anti-vibration mechanism – If you are working for long hours, you don’t want a tool that vibrates too much. Your hand will not get tired or lose sensation thanks to this feature.
  • Ergonomically designed – Ryobi RRS1801M has a very soft handle to ensure you are comfortable when using it. Tiredness is normal and comes with the territory when you are working with a power tool. It is always nice to see manufacturers design their tools this way because it helps you work for long hours without feeling like you just ran a marathon.
  • Lightweight – Even with the battery fitted in, this saw is very light thanks to the lithium-ion batteries it uses. While most tools get heavier when you add a battery, this one doesn’t.
  • Versatile saw – One-dimensional tools that are only designed to cut type of material are not helpful in the hands of someone who deals with multiple materials. You can use this saw to cut materials like wood, plastic, and steel easily.
  • Durable – With good quality construction thanks to the strong materials the saw is made from, you don’t have to worry about dents and scratches for a long time while you’re using this tool.


  • Doesn’t come with a carry bag – A carry bag makes it easy for you to store and travel with the tool. Sadly, this tool didn’t come with a carry bag meaning if you want one, you’ll need to purchase it.
  • Need to buy a battery -Another major drawback is the absence of a battery. If you don’t have any tools belonging to the Ryobi one+ family, you need to buy the battery separately.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for something dependable, reliable, powerful, and robust enough to deal with heavier cutting jobs,  you should buy the Ryobi RRS1801M. The quality of the features it has are top-notch and the performance level you get is levels above many saws on the market today that are sold at high prices. It has an easy blade attachment feature which helps you save time. The lack of a carry bag and battery means you’ll need to buy them separately however, the good news is if you have any attachment or accessories from the Ryobi one+ family, they can be used on this tool.

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  • Variable Speed and Brake
  • Tool-less Quick Change
  • Anti-vibration Technology
  • Anti-vibration Technology
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