TACKLIFE PJS03A 3000rpm Jigsaw Review

If you want to buy something that is very affordable and gives you so many features, the TACKLIFE PJS03A is what you should be looking at. This corded jigsaw has a very powerful motor, 3000 strokes per minute, metal cutting depth of 0.3 inches, wood cutting depth of 2.5 inches, and more. Below is a detailed look at this jigsaw’s key features and why it is perfect for beginners.

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Key Features Of The PJS03A

  • 4 position orbital action – depending on the material you’re cutting, this feature gives you control and better quality with your cutting. It has a few gear settings too which include  0 gear for round cuts when dealing with hard materials, 0/1 gear for sharp-edged cuts, and 2 / 3 gear for soft materials.
  • 6 stage variable cutting speed – You also get 6 different cutting speeds depending on the material you’re working with.  1-4 is for cutting plastic, 2-3 is for steel plate, 3-4 is for cutting stainless steel, 3-6 is for aluminum, and 5-6 is for cutting wood.
  • Powerful motor – The TACKLIFE PJS03A is powered by a 570 W pure copper motor. This motor offers you 3000 RPM which is enough to shred a variety of materials like wood, metal, and steel. To stop this motor from overheating while you’re using the jigsaw, it has cooling rotating fun. You can work for hours without having to worry about overheating.
  • Lock-on button and bevel cutting – The lock-on button feature is there to allow you to use this jigsaw with minimal effort and you also get 0 – 45-degree adjustable bevel cutting angles. If you have jobs that are a bit difficult to complete, this feature will help you out tremendously.
  • Tool-free blade change – You can remove and install your blades effortlessly without needing any tools to do so and this is one of the reasons why it is the ideal tool for beginners.


  • 10 feet cord – While working around a cord this long can be tricky for some people, it does have an advantage as long as one is careful. 10 feet is long for a cord however, it offers you the ability to have a continuous flow of power without having to worry about charging which is the one drawback of cordless tools. When the battery power runs out you need to charge it but with this tool, there are no such issues and you can work as long as you want as long as there’s no power cut.
  • Great design – This jigsaw has a fence and blade guard which protects you from dust particles and any other debris while you’re working.
  • Lightweight – Since the TACKLIFE PJS03A only weighs 1.9 kgs, it is great for those who intend on using it for long hours because it doesn’t cause any strain on the arms and reduces fatigue. This feature also makes it easy for you to move it around when required.
  • Dust extraction – Mess is inevitable when you are working with a jigsaw however, the PJS03A has a dust duct that can be connected to your vacuum cleaner to pick up any debris leaving your workstation tidy and clean.


  • No LED light – There are so many jigsaws in the market that come equipped with LED which allows you to work in the dark. The PJS03A doesn’t have an LED light meaning you either have to get all your work done while there’s daylight or you need to purchase a lamp if you plan on doing some work in the nighttime. While there’s no problem with purchasing a lamp, it can affect your accuracy and precision if you’re not experienced.
  • Potential for accidents to happen – The 10-foot cord this jigsaw has can cause trips and falls if one isn’t careful. If you like to use cordless tools, you will find this tool frustrating because it needs a power source to work and you need to buy extension cords which means you’ll have wires everywhere.

Final Verdict

Despite not having an LED light and a cord getting in the way while you work at times, the TACKLIFE PJS03A is an incredible tool that is easy to use and affordable. It has a fence and blade guard for your safety and a dust extraction feature to help keep your surroundings clean and tidy.

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  • Variable Orbit
  • Controllable Speed
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • 570W pure copper motor

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