TACKLIFE PMS01X Sliding Miter Saw Review

The TACKLIFE PMS01X is one of those tools that give you value for money. The market has so many power tools that offer the same features as this one but at a very high price. If you are working with a tight budget, this tool is perfect because you get performance, versatility, and the ability to get tasks done quickly. 

What’s the price?

What will impress you the most about this tool is the sliding mechanism which enables you to make long cuts while the 45-degree bevel and angled mitre deck offer a high level of flexibility. If you are a professional carpenter, you will need something that’s slightly more powerful than this one because you can’t use this on heavy-duty jobs. Make sure you know the tasks you want to do before you buy this too and below are its key features.

Key Features

  • Adjustment of base – When you rotate the mitre table, you’re able to make bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees in either direction, +/-45 degrees miter angle range, to the right and left for increased flexibility.
  • Cutting depth – You can adjust the cutting depth of this tool for tasks like grooving and trenching. The reciprocating stroke can go up to 230 mm which is very impressive for a tool that doesn’t cost a lot.
  • Super lightweight – When you compare TACKLIFE PMS01X saw to those made by Makita, you will see that this one is very lightweight. You can carry it around between jobs, keep it in your garage or the storage room.
  • Straight and clean cuts – Buying something at a very low price is great however, it has to perform. Many people are happy with this tool because it delivers straight and clean cuts. All this is down to its build quality and the blade.
  • Great cutting performance – What you get with this tool is a maximum and minimum cutting width of 300 mm and 210mm. (0 degrees x 0 degrees – 60 x 230mm) / (0 degrees x 45 degrees – 60 x 155mm) / (45 degrees x 0 degree – 35 x 230mm) / (45 degrees x 45 degrees – 35 x 155mm).
  • Great rotary mitre table – You get a rotary mitre table range of 45 degrees left and right, the saw blade inclination angle is 0 degrees – 45 degrees left.
  • Extensible table – The table can be extended for better material support with a vice clamping system to secure the workpiece when you’re working.
  • Cam-lock with miter detent override – The locking device that is installed on this tool can secure the machine head at a lower position, making it convenient to carry and safer for you.


  • Laser guide – There is a built-in laser with this tool which helps make your cuts precise and accurate.
  • Powerful motor – This tool has a 1500W, 4500 RPM motor which works well with the 210mm blade to deliver great power, durability, and professional cuts.
  • Dust bag – You get yourself a wonderful dust blower with this tool which can be easily connected to a vacuum cleaner to keep your working area clean and tidy.
  • Impressive package – With your purchase comes a TACKLIFE PMS01X Mitre Saw, 24 Tooth TCT blade, Carbon brush, Extension rods, Allen wrenches (To change the saw blade easily), and a Dust bag.
  • Amazing blade – It has an ultra high grade 24 tooth tungsten carbide tipped blade that allows cutting wood, soft metal, plastics, etc with ease.


  • Horrible user instructions – Even though you get everything you’re looking for in a power tool, many users have pointed out that instructions that come with this tool are not the best. You are better off looking at videos online to watch tutorials on how to get the best out of this tool because the instructions are not much help.

Final Verdict

Not many tools on the market are as versatile as this one when it comes to home saws. The TACKLIFE PMS01X is worth every penny because it will help you deal with any light DIY jobs you might have with ease. For those who have heavy-duty jobs, a bigger and more powerful model is highly advised because it will offer a greater cutting capacity. It is not for the tradesmen but when it comes to price, it wins that battle plus the whole package is incredibly made.

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  • 45° Bevel Range
  • Adjustment of Base
  • Dust Bag
  • Speed: 4500RPM
  • Blade: 210mm*30mm*24T

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