TACKLIFE RES001 Advanced 12V Reciprocating Saw Review

Are you looking for a reliable reciprocating saw for your outdoor pruning tasks? If you prefer a cordless one that will also work in those tight spaces at home, Tacklife’s 12V line of cordless reciprocating saws will catch your attention. The Tacklife RES001 is one of their most popular offerings thanks to its super easy to use nature and portable design. One of the most notable features of this tool is its weighs which is only 1.57 kg (3.4 pounds), making it among the lightest in the market. Follow through for an in-depth look at its features and performance in this Tacklilfe RES001 review.

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The RES001 Features

4/5-inch stroke 2,500 times per minute

Whether you are a professional or just a hobbyist, you will definitely like the power of this reciprocating saw. The Tacklife RES001 comes with a very powerful motor that delivers a 4/5-inch stroke 2,500 times per minute. It also features variable speed thus allowing for a controlled cut. The result is smooth yet aggressive cuts that are ideal for DIY projects around the house like trimming trees and cutting PVC pipes.

Lightweight and One-hand Design

Measuring only 31cm with a total weight of 1.57kg (3.4 pounds), this saw comes in a very lightweight design for versatility and superior control. Apart from making it easy to fit in small spaces, the design also makes it possible to operate using only one hand. So if you always find yourself working in areas where space is limited, this tool will come handy.

Tool-less Blade Change

When it comes to changing this tool’s blades, with this tool you will do it with minimum effort. The quick-change chuck allows you to change the blade without needing any other tool. This system not only allows you to get straight on with the task in hand but also eliminates the need for you to touch the hot blade.

Double Safety Switch

For additional safety, this tool is built with a unique double safety switch controlling feature. This feature prevents the machine from opening accidentally or without your knowledge. To demonstrate how this works, the saw move can only move on when you put on the two-button.

Clamping Jaw

TACKLIFE has included a very useful feature in this tool, the clamping jaw. This feature is meant to increase friction when operating the tool. This, in turn, makes difficult cuts to be a lot easier. Also, it provides additional security when you are using the saw. The good thing is that it can be easily added or removed by just aligning the clamping jaw to the hole housing the saw.


While most people assume the Tacklife can’t match up to the well-known traditional brands, such as Ryobi or Milwaukee, it performs well in branch pruning and various other cutting applications. In fact, if you are looking for a cordless reciprocating saw for branch pruning, this tool will make the work much easier and quicker than a hand saw. The Tacklife RES001 is well suited for smaller branches, although you won’t have much trouble cutting through two inches thick branches. The v-shaped jaws will also allow you to hold the branches while cutting which is a potentially compelling selling point. The only advice you would need to have a completely great experience using this tool is to buy a selection of additional saw blades.


It is well-constructed and extremely versatile

Can cut through many different materials

Performs excellent when used in confined areas

The variable speed makes it easier to start cuts

Safer to use thanks to the clamping jaw and double protection switch


The handle is slightly small

Ha a short battery life


Overall, Tacklife RES001 is one of the most reputable professional-grade reciprocating saws that you will come across. If you are looking for a saw specifically for working in tight spaces, it is the tool to buy in 2019. Its compact design and lightweight make it easy to maneuver in all the tight spaces while cutting wood or metal rods. You can also choose to increase or lower its speed without a fuss. Blade changing is also tool-free and its rubberized handle is non-slip. All these features guarantee fast and efficient cutting making it an ideal tool for home improvement projects and DIY tasks.

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  • Lightweight
  • Variable-Speed
  • One-hand Design
  • Tool-less Blade Change
  • Fast Charge

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