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Tacklife RPRS01A 850W Reciprocating Saw Review

If you are looking out to demolish or remodel windows, plumbing, walls, doors, and more, you can use jigsaws, hacksaws, and crowbars or simply use the ultimate demolition tool- a reciprocating saw. This saw provides more power, although less precise but is ideal for demolishing projects. In this article, we will review the Tacklife RPRS01A reciprocating saw.

At the end of this review, you will know the features, buildquality, and cutting performance of this device. More so, you will have all the information you need to decide whether or not this tool suits you or whether you should consider another product.

What’s the price?

Product Overview

Tacklife RPRS01A is a relatively powerful, advanced, and reliable reciprocating saw ideal for demolishing and remodeling projects on wood, metal, and plastic. The tool comes with advanced technology, innovative features, and excellent build quality ideal for medium to heavy-duty operations.

With its rotary handle that turns up to 180 degrees, high-power motor, variable speed trigger, and other outstanding functions, this device guarantees an excellent cutting operation with extreme user convenience.

Some Unique Features Of The RPRS01A

  • High-Speed Motor: Tacklife RPRS01A features an 850W rated motor capable of delivering up to 2800 strokes per minute. For Tacklife reciprocating saw within its class, this device provides the highest speed. However, for high-end brands, the device comes a little short. Still, the speed and motor provide enough power required for medium to heavy-duty demolition and remodeling on wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Variable Speed Control: Working on different materials with different depths will certainly require varying speeds. So, for this tool to adapt to these material or depth changes, it features a variable speed control dial. Also, with this trigger knob, you can alter the cutting speed of the device to get more accurate cuts and a brilliant finish on those workpieces. 
  • Lock-on Switch: Pushing down a button throughout the cutting operation will put stress on your fingers. Worse yet, make your cuts less- accurate and poorly finished. To eradicate such gloomy circumstances, this tool comes with a Lock-on button. This function lets you, as the name implies, lock-on the speed you need for your cutting operation. When locked, the saw will stay at that speed as long as you want it.  
  • Cutting Ability: Overall, the cutting performance of this saw is excellent.  First, it features a rotary handle that turns 180degress left or right and three-position operations for flush cutting and more versatility. The pivoting shoe can be adjusted relative to the cutting area- improving the cutting efficiency and performance. Still, the device is only ideal for cutting 18mm in wood and 10mm in metal.
  • Spindle Lock: Having a top-quality blade is one thing, the ease of changing the blade is another. Some saws require a tool for fitting or unfitting blades from its position but that reduces the machine’s overall user-friendliness. On this device, there is a secured tool-free blade clamp that fits or unfits the blade in or out of position when the spring-loaded pin is pushed down. Thus, allowing a quick and easy blade change.
  • Soft Grip Handle: Power-tools with motors that run at high speed will vibrate. Albeit, the rubber over-mould on the handle of this tool disallows the transfer of a large portion of this vibration to the user’s hands. The soft-grip further improves the machine’s overall handling- allowing a firm grip of the tool.

Product specification

Dimension22 x 29 x 10cm
Strokes Per Minute0-3000spm
Stroke Length28mm
Adjustable Angle180 degrees Left & Right
Included components6T Wood Blade, 14T Metal Blade,and Reciprocating Saw.


This saw comes with a 24-month warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee, and a lifetime basic technical support.


  • Excellent cutting capacity
  • Fairly high-power motor
  • LED work light
  • Affordable
  • Quick, convenient, and tool-less blade change
  • Adjustable shoe for improved efficiency and performance


  • Quite heavy
  • The lock-on switch is ill-positioned


All in all, Tacklife RPRS01A is an affordable reciprocating saw with excellent value for its price. The device motor alongside other functions like the variable trigger switch provides enough power and adjustability for medium to heavy-duty operation. However, the lock-on switch of this device is too close to the handle and might be mistakenly switched. The tool is quite heavy but it is the same with many reciprocating saws.

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  • Rotary Handle
  • Adjustable Shoe
  • LED Light
  • Tool-Free Blade Change
  • Lock-on Button

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