TACKLIFE TCS115A Mini Circular Saw Review

The TACKLIFE TCS115A will provide you convenience as well as precision when you’re cutting materials. Its design allows you to operate it using one hand and you get a cutting speed of 3500 RPM. Looking at it closely, you will notice that it has 6 blades, each designed to cut a specific material.

There is plenty of variety with this tool and with a laser guide, this mini saw can increase your accuracy when cutting tile, plastic, metal, and wood in a straight line. Safety is also something that this tool brings because it has a metal protective layer design on the outside. You don’t have to be anxious or worry about injuries yourself or those around you. Below is a detailed look at what this mini saw brings to the table.

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Key Features Of The TCS115A

  • Easy to adjust cutting depth – Tools that have this feature are a joy to use and with this mini saw, you will get 90-degree straight line cutting which offers you a cutting depth of 44mm. You can also reach a cutting depth of 35 mm when you are cutting at a 45-degree angle which is incredible for something of its size.
  • Equipped with a laser guide – It is hard to be accurate if you are a beginner when nothing is guiding your cut. TACKLIFE TCS115A has an adjustable laser you can use to follow the line of your cut for greater accuracy. There is also a scale ruler which can be used alongside the laser for consistent straight cutting all the time.
  • Metal handle – Feeling tired quickly is common with a large number of people when they are working with power tools. Even mini power tools can cause fatigue when used for a very long time and to combat this, the manufacturers fitted this tool with a metal handle. Since it is a one-handed tool, this handle helps deal with fatigue and provides you with a strong clamping force as well as better stability during cuts.
  • Rotatable handle – A rotatable handle is a feature that isn’t found on many mini power tools. You get this feature here and what it does is offer you more flexibility. The best part about it is you don’t need any auxiliary tools for quick removal and installing.


  • Powerful motor – The 710W motor will exceed your expectations because it can deliver 3500 RPM at maximum performance. This is a lot of power for a one-handed tool and you should easily cut plastic, metal, tiles, PVC pipes, and wood in half.
  • Great package – What you get when you open the box is very important and can be the difference between doing your projects with ease or struggling with them. You get 2 X 24 T TCT(120mm) for cutting wood, 2 X diamond blades (115mm) for cutting tiles, and 2 X 60T HSS (115mm) for soft metal and wood.
  • Lock-off switch – TACKLIFE TCS115A is equipped with a double safety switch control, all you have to do to begin work is simply press two buttons and you will be up and running. Without pressing these two buttons, the tool will not start and this helps avoid any accidental startup that might cause injury
  • Aluminium guard – Sparks and debris do fly when you’re cutting different materials. The aluminium guard design does a wonderful job of protecting the user against any sparks when they’re using it.


  • Suitable for light jobs only – Due to its size, it is clear to see that it was made for light DIY jobs only and can’t cope with heavy-duty jobs. If you are a DIYer who does a lot of heavy-duty projects, you should be looking at slightly larger models than this one as they can handle those tasks.

Final Verdict

The TACKLIFE TCS115A is one of those tools that will not disappoint from a quality point of view because its features are top class. The price of this tool is not a big issue and is quite reasonable for anyone who doesn’t have enough for a high-end model. You will not regret adding this tool to your collection because you get great cutting depth, an LED light for working in dark or poorly lit rooms and has an aluminium guard to keep you safe from sparks and debris.

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