TACKLIFE TCS115E 750W Premium Mini Circular Saw Review

The TACKLIFE TCS115E is a tool for both beginners and experienced tradesmen who are looking for something precise and convenient to use. This compact circular saw can run from 1200 to 3600 RPM making cuts quick and simple. Equipped with 6 amazing blades, you can switch them around to suit the material you’re about to work with on your projects.

The laser guide is a very good feature that will help you keep a straight line when cutting wood, metal, plastic, and tile. Keeping you safe from injury in case your hand accidentally touches the blade is an aluminum guard. Below is a detailed look at some of the standout features that this tool has to offer.

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Key Features Of The TCS115E

  • 6-speed adjustments – There is an impressive speed adjustment mechanism on this tool which allows you to control speeds of between 1200 – 3600 RPM. Some materials require you to cut them at high speed while others require low speed. You can use the speed controls on this tool to better suit what you’re cutting with amazing finesse.
  • Compatibility – When you spend money on a machine like this one, you want it to be very compact. What you get here are a tool that is compatible for 5 inches, 4-¾ inch, 4-½ inch, and 4-⅜ inch blades of which the arbor is ⅜ inch. This makes TACKLIFE TCS115E one of the most versatile tools you can have in your arsenal because it provides more possibilities for your cutting demands.
  • Comes with 6 blades – Your purchase will come with 2 X 24T(5 inches) carbide-tipped blades for wood and tube, 2 X 60T(4-½ inch) HSS blades for wood, soft metal, PVC pipe, and 2 X high-hardness diamond (4-½ inch) blades for tile and marble.
  • Laser guide – The laser guide that this tool is fitted with casts a straight line onto the material you’re cutting for some much needed increased visibility and precision when in a dark or poorly lit room.
  • Auxiliary rip guide – The auxiliary rip guide ensures that you can make straight and accurate cuts each time you pick up this tool to use it.
  • 45°Bevel cut – There is an adjustable footplate that allows you to rotate the base of the tool to get tilted precise-angled cuts. These cuts can either be 90 degrees or  45 degrees with the permissible cutting depth being 1-9/10 inch (48 mm) at 90 degrees and 1-⅜ inch (34.9 mm) at 45 degrees.


  • Awesome package – When you open the tool from its box you will be greeted by 1 X TACKLIFE TCS115E circular saw, 2 X 24T TCT blades, 2 X 60T HSS blades, 2 X diamond blades, 1 X metal handle, 1 X dust pipe, 1 X Allen wrench, 1 X rip guide, and a user manual.
  • Aluminum Guard – The solid aluminum blade guard which is lighter preceding iron guard covers the teeth of the cutting blade. This forbids any accidental touching which can cause injuries and ensures your safety isn’t compromised.
  • Durable Tool – This tool is equipped with a 6.2A pure copper motor. This can deliver a  premium cutting performance, providing you with a solid saw that can withstand the daily rigors.
  • Metal handle – The exquisite metal handle on the TCS115E can be assembled on left or right. This will enhance the stability of your cuts and reduce hand fatigue which is a problem many people suffer from if they are working on their projects for hours.


  • Needs a tool to change blades – Since it comes with 6 blades, you will need to change them and use the right tool for the right materials. Since it doesn’t have a tool-less blade change mechanism built into it, you need to use the Allen wrench provided to change blades.

Final Verdict

Overall the TACKLIFE TCS115E is one of those tools that does exactly what it says on the box. It is a quality machine that will satisfy you for many years to come because it has some modern features that are needed by many DIYers and professionals today. While the price might make you think this machine isn’t top quality, it is more powerful than most models that offer the same it does. Adding this to your collection of tools is highly recommended because you’ll have 6 amazing blades to choose from.

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  • 6 Speed Adjustment
  • Unique Compatibility
  • Laser Guide
  • Aluminum Guard
  • Durable

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