TACKLIFE TJS01A Barrel-Grip Electric Jig Saw Review

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When you are equipped with a jigsaw, you can be sure of having one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal. A jigsaw can make straight and curved cuts in just about any material, including ceramic tiles, gypsum board, metal, wood, and plastic. If you need a good electric jigsaw for handling your multiple projects, the TACKLIFE TJS01A would be a good consideration.

This jigsaw comes with sturdy construction, and its delivery is also worth the mention. Here is a brief review to help you have a virtual experience of the jigsaw.

The TJS01A Overview

The TACKLIFE TJS01A jigsaw comes with a lightweight design, but it is powerful enough to handle most of your projects. There are also some custom track settings that allow you to make different types of cuts and on different materials. The construction is strong and sturdy enough to serve you for a long time and withstand the tough working conditions.

If you don’t like working in a dusty area, this fella is designed to eliminate the excess dust as you saw through materials. It assures you of a tidy workspace and even allows you to view your cutting line even better.

Features and Functions


First off, you won’t have to worry about the power shortage when you have this machine. It is an electric jigsaw, which automatically means that it runs on electricity. You just won’t be able to use it remotely. But on the flip side, it assures you of enough power needed for handling your projects.

It features a 5Amp pure copper motor that isn’t only durable, but also strong enough for whatever material you throw at it. The motor is strong enough to deliver a top speed of 3000RPM. Luckily, there is a 6-bit variable speed that lets you control the speed accurately. Plus, this allows you to get the specific speed for your project.


The construction of this jigsaw is also worth the mention. It comes with an aluminum base that makes it lightweight but also stronger than an iron base. With this aluminum base, you won’t have to worry about the working environment since it can easily withstand it. In general, the power tool only weighs 1.9kgs, which is manageable enough.

Track Settings

This jigsaw comes with a four-position track action for more explorations. There are custom track settings that you can choose from 0 to 3. With the high track setting, you can use it for soft materials or smooth cutting. On the other hand, the low track setting is best suited for precise cutting and hard materials.

Cutting Ability/Experience

This jigsaw is designed to cut through materials with perfection and give you an easy time. There are sliding shoes onboard, which are adjustable to maintain the cutting stability. Also, you get an adjustable foot pedal that lets you make bevels of up to +/-45 degrees.

User Experience

Using TACKLIFE TJS01A is easy and anyone would enjoy working with it. First off, it comes in at 1.9kg, which makes it lightweight enough for easy handling. Besides that, the tool comes with some ergonomics that assure you of better handling. There is a front rubber grip that enhances user accuracy. Besides that, the jigsaw is made with a low-vibration mechanism that cuts down the vibrations while making it easier to use.

You also get a dust collector that will suck up the dust as you cut through materials. You can connect the dust collector to your home vacuum cleaner to keep the working space clean enough. When it comes to changing the blade, there is an integrated keyless quick-lock black holder to help you with that. No special tool will be needed for that.


  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with an aluminum base that enhances its durability
  • Quick, tool-free blade replacement
  • Integrated bust collector keeps working area tidy
  • Excellent power output
  • Adjustable track settings
  • Excellent ergonomics with rubber handle


  • The On/Off button could be placed better


If you are looking for a strong jigsaw that is durable, lightweight, and able to handle multiple projects at the same time, TACKLIFE TJS01A would be a good pick for you. The jigsaw comes with some amazing features that offer you an easy working time as you handle your projects. It can easily handle any material, and the available settings allow you to tweak the machine to perfectly meet your project needs.

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  • 3000RPM
  • 4-position track action
  • 45° bevel
  • Aluminum base
  • Dust-free cutting line

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