TACKLIFE TJS02A Barrel-Grip Jigsaw Review

The TACKLIFE TJS02A is a very popular tool among DIYers because it delivers up to 3100 SPM. While it is known to consume so much power thanks to its motor, there is no denying its quality when used.

You don’t need to purchase any tools to change the blades. The blades are easily changeable without the use of a tool and the dust blower is there to ensure you can see your cutting line while you work. You can also connect an external vacuum to the jigsaw for effective dust removal and keeping your workspace tidy.

What’s the price?

Key Features

  • Stable performance – The TACKLIFE TJS02A guarantees you stable performances every single time thanks to the 3100 RPM of cutting power you have in your hands. There aren’t many tools out there that can produce this level of power and give you consistently good quality cuts each time.
  • Integrated keyless quick-lock blade holder – You also don’t need to buy a tool to change the blades since it has an integrated keyless quick-lock blade holder.
  • Variable speed – with 6 position variable speed, you can control the speed of every cut making them not only precise but accurate.
  • Comfortable grip – The front grip of the TJS02A is made out of rubber. It is this ergonomic design that makes this a very easy tool to handle and be in control of. Precision is something that everyone who uses a power tool wants and the accuracy you have on this tool means even if you are a beginner, you will have cuts that look like they were done by a professional.
  • Aluminum base – Since it’s base is lighter than iron, this tool is lighter and reduces tiredness if you plan on working for long hours. This aluminum base also reduces vibrations too which is something important for DIYers as power tools that vibrate a lot can bring a few notable healthy issues like loss of sensation in the arm.
  • Adjustable footrest – With this feature, you can easily make bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees in either direction. The adjustable shoe is there to ensure that you can stabilize your cut without massive issues.
  • 4 position track action – The jigsaw has 0 – 3 custom track settings which can be cut. The lower track setting is good for cutting hard materials with precision while the high track setting is good for soft materials smoothly.
  • Dust collection port – You can connect this power to your vacuum cleaner to improve the view of your cleaning line and suck off any debris on the floor.


  • No need for tools – When working with saws, you need to switch the blades from time to time. With the jigsaw, there is no need for you to buy a key or a screwdriver to switch the blades. You can swap them effortlessly without the need for tools.
  • Vacuum installation – The TACKLIFE TJS02A is a tool that allows you to correct your vacuum cleaner and suck up any debris from materials you’ve been cutting. This means you will always have a clean working environment every time you’re cutting materials.
  • LED light – If your workshop is not well lit, you can work there using this tool because it has an LED light. The light is bright enough to illuminate any room and allows you to see your cuts.


  •  The tool is bulkier – The TJS02A has a heavier design when compared to other tools on the market. Such a tool makes it a bit difficult to work with especially if you’re new to DIY or less experienced.
  • Speed dial is far from the handle – The other things that many people complain about with this tool is the speed dial. It is a bit far from the handle which can make the tool harder to use for most people who prefer the dial closer to the handle.

Final Verdict

Plenty of people buy the TACKLIFE TJS02A because it has enough power to cut plastic, wood, laminate, and a host of other hard materials. The LED light is there to improve your visibility when and if you are working in the dark. The aluminum baseplate is very light and improves performance because it reduces vibration.

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Our Rating



  • 3100RPM
  • Precise operation
  • Aluminum base
  • 4 position track action
  • Rip Fence for Straight Cutting


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