WORX WX427 XL 710W Compact Circular Saw Review

The WORX WX427 XL is a saw that has received a lot of rave reviews from customers ever since it came out in 2015. It has some of the best cutting technology one can ever find on a saw because it is not only a powerful but consistent tool.

What this power tool also brings to the table is a built-in laser that guides you to make precise cuts on materials. Plenty of beginners and professionals are not massive fans of tools that have cord because they see them as a distraction but corded tools are some of the most when compared to cordless ones. 

Key Features

What’s the price?

  • Powerful – The WX427 XL has a 700W motor which is very powerful for a tool that can be used with one hand if you wish. What you also get is a cutting depth of up to 45 mm that can be used on a variety of materials.
  • Versatile compact saw – You can use this WORX saw on almost any material. Some of the most common materials DIYers and tradesmen work with include brick, stone, metal, tiles, plasterboard, and wood. With this tool, you will cut all these materials with minimum effort because it comes complete with blades.
  • Bevel lever – There are times where a straight cut is not enough to get the job done. The bevel lever allows you to make cuts at a 45-degree angle instantly.
  • Plunge cuts – This WORX tool can be used to make plunge cuts which are perfect for putting in electric sockets, light switches, and cutting out sections of flooring and creating vents.
  • Depth guide – All you have to do to begin cutting is simply set the depth guide and you will cut exactly where you need to with accuracy.


  • One-handed operation – A power tool needs to offer its users flexibility and the ability to use it with one hand or both hands if they wish. If you like to use power tools with one hand, you will be pleased to know that this tool is suitable for one-handed operation. The quality of your results will not be compromised even while using one hand because of how efficient this WORX tool is and how it was designed. You will still get the same top-quality performance with one hand similar to using both hands.
  • Constant power supply – Battery-powered tools have a limit when it comes to their runtime which can last minutes or hours. Working with corded tools means you don’t have to worry about run times as you have a constant flow of power all the time as long as the tool is plugged into a socket.
  • Built-in laser – The laser allows you to make accurate and straight cuts even in rooms that are dark or poorly lit.
  • Ergonomic design – The WX427 XL a slim inline grip which makes it easy for you to use this tool comfortably. You can maneuver around effortlessly since it’s not a bulky tool, it is one of the lightweight saws sold on the market.


  • Corded tool – This is not a tool for people who don’t like to work with wires in and around their workstation if they find them distracting. Anyone who doesn’t want to deal with wires or cords and cables should look to purchase cordless models rather than this one because those are battery-powered.
  • Potential trip hazard – With wires in the equation, there is a very high chance of tripping and falling if you’re not careful. This can cause serious injuries hence why it is important to be wary of wires when you’re working with cords.

Final verdict

Versatility is a word that is thrown around a lot to describe certain power tools but the WORX WX427 XL lives up to that name because it can handle almost any cutting job. It comes with three-blade types that allow you to pick the one that suits the material you’re about to cut. It is also ideal for one-handed operations depending on the job you’re doing and the built-in laser guide ensures you are accurate every time you make cuts. No challenge is too big for this tool thanks to the features it has.

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WX427 XL Rating


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  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Bevel capacity of 45
  • Cutting depth up to 46 mm
  • Depth Guide

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