WORX WX429 400W 120mm Compact Circular Saw Review

There are different types of saws with diverse peculiarities, versatility, and purpose of use. In this article, we will the WORX WX429 circular saw. Circular saws are power-saws that use a blade or toothed or abrasive disc in rotational motion to make straight or simple curved cuts on wood, masonry, plastic, and metal. These saws may come in simple handheld designs or mounted to a machine.

What’s the price?

What product is currently the best circular saw in the market? Well, we can’t answer that because budget, skill, peculiarities, and purpose of use are different. However, if you’re keen on compactness and easy maneuverability, you will find the WX429 circular saw very interesting. Still, we will provide a full assessment of the machine and by the end of the review, you would know whether it is your perfect tool.

Product Overview

WORX WX429 is a sleek, lightweight, and compact circular saw designed for one-handed operation and ideal for cutting tiles, wood, brick, stone, plasterboard, and metal with ease. It comes with a 400W motor that lets it cut through these materials comfortably and a bevel adjustment for special work conditions. The most stand out feature on this appliance is its compact design. In fact, there is no smaller circular saw that can cut 46mm other than this tool. Nevertheless, this product also has other features like the spindle lock button, dust extraction facility, and more, common to top-quality saws.

Some Unique Features Of WX429

  • Relatively High motor power: This circular saw has an electric, hi-torque motor rated 400W with a maximum speed of 3700rpm. The durability of a circular saw does not largely depend on its construction. Precisely, in addition to its construct, the motor speed and power accounts for its long-lasting ability. With excellent speed and power available on this saw, it can handle simple cuts of depth within 46mm very efficiently.
  • Excellent cutting width: Most compact, handheld circular saws come with a maximum cutting depth of 46mm. However, products within this tool’s size and weight can only cut through depth very much lesser than 46mm. But this machine, because of its hi-torque motor and excellent speed provides the standard 46mm cutting depth while maintaining a lightweight (2.0kg) and compact design.
  • Spindle lock: Normally, you will need two wrenches to change the blade of a circular saw. That is one wrench to hold the motor shaft and another to unfit or fit the blade. Yet, all of those stress is eradicated with this spindle lock feature. Precisely, by a simple push of the spring-loaded pin or engaging the locking collar, the shaft will hold in its place. Once secured, the blade easily removes with one wrench.
  • Bevel Lever: When your project needs more than straight cuts, the bevel angle adjustment comes handy. The bevel angle adjustment mechanism interconnects the base to the housing in such a way that the blade becomes adjustable relative to the base via a range of bevel angles. In more simple terms, the bevel lever allows you to change the device cutting angle to up to 45degrees instantly- to account for those slant cuts.
  • Compatibility: Like with other top-quality circular saw, WORX WX429 is supplied with extra accessories like the superior TCT wood cutting blade, HCS general purpose blade, and a diamond blade.

Product specification

Dimension22 x 29 x 10cm
Motor Power400W
No-Load Speed3700rpm
Blade size120mm
Bevel Capacity45 degrees
Maximum cutting depth90 degrees- 46mm 45degrees- 30mm
Included componentsTCT, HCS, and Diamond Blades.


This device has a two-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Superior-grade TCT blades
  • Spindle lock for easy blade change
  • Built-in dust extraction port
  • Quick and easy cutting depth adjustment
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Excellent overall performance


  • Most suitable for right-handed users
  • It is unfit for heavy-duty operation and long use


All in all, if you are keen on getting an affordable, compact circular saw for light cutting operations or other DIY tasks, the WORX WX429 is a premium pick. However, you must put in mind that being compact and designed for one-handed mode means you need more skill and control to make a straight cut on a marked workpiece.

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  • 400W motor
  • Bevel adjustment
  • Cutting depth adjustment
  • Spindle lock button
  • Lightweight but powerful

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