WORX WX527 18V Cordless Compact Circular Saw Review

The WORX WX527 is known for its versatility and belonging to the family of the WORX range of tools. If you are looking for something to replace your old and bulky saw, you should be looking at this machine.

This multi-functional adjustable saw can be used on materials such as plastics, ceramic, metal, and wood. There is an innovative plunge mechanism on this too which improves your safety and accuracy. Since it is cordless, you do have the ability to use it in a variety of areas without worrying about the wires.

What’s the price?

Key Features Of The WX527

  • 20 V Lithium battery – The battery which comes with this tool is amazing. Not only is this battery-powered, but it is interchangeable and usable with other WORX 20V tools you might have. These tools range from power tools and garden equipment.
  • Great current depth – WORX WX527 has a robust plastic guard as well as quick cutting depth adjustment. It has a current depth of 27 mm which is needed for stubborn and thick materials.
  • Great for plunge cuts – These are the sort of cuts you make for putting in power sockets and light switches, creating vents, and cutting out sections on the flooring. You need a special kind of tool to be able to make these cuts properly and this tool gives you that.
  • Lock-off switch – The lock-off switch is a safety mechanism that prevents accidents from happening. When working with tools of this nature, you can accidentally turn them on without knowing and this feature prevents that because the chances of suffering injuries are high.


  • Versatile – Even though you have to buy extra blades on the market. It is always comforting knowing that you have a versatile tool in your hands.  You can use WORX WX527 to cut tiles, metal, wood, plastics, and plasterboard with ease.
  • Dust extraction – This tool has a built-in dust post which ensures that you have a clean working station instead of a messy one. You can plug it to your vacuum at home and clean up any messes or debris.
  • Spindle lock button – Certain machines will need you to have a tool like a screwdriver or an Allen key to change blades. Blades need to be changed from time to time while you work because no two jobs are the same and one blade is not ideal for all jobs. This button is there to make it easy for you to change blades.
  • One-handed operation – While the majority of power tools in the marker are two-handed, there are some they are one-handed. The way that this tool is designed means that you can use it in one hand and still feel comfortable. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, this tool is easy to use no matter your hand of choice.
  • Good price on the market – Whether you choose to make your purchase online or in the store, this machine is affordable. It is not as expensive as many high-end models from other names however, what you get here is a splendid tool that gets the jobs you need doing at a budget-friendly price.


  • Needs charging – As pointed out before, this tool is cordless meaning it is battery powered and such machines require you to charge them when the battery is low. Failure to charge the battery fully before use can lead to the battery dying on your mid-task.
  • Might need to buy additional blades – For you to work on other materials effectively, you might need to purchase extra blades. These blades are easy to find in shops or online however you need to do a little bit of research to buy the right blades. Buying the wrong blades doesn’t only lead to frustration due to unsatisfactory results, but it also is a waste of money.

Final Verdict

Overall the WORX WX527 is designed for any one-handed operations you might have around the house like rip and plunge cuts. You can use it on materials like plastic, plasterboard, tiles, metal, and wood easily as long as you buy additional blades. There is a spindle lock button that makes it easy for you to change the blades and the 20 V battery it comes with is interchangeable with other WORX tools you might have in your toolset.

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  • Spindle lock button
  • Lock off switch
  • Dust extraction facility
  • Quick cutting depth adjustment
  • 27mm cutting depth

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