COAYU C530 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Generally, vacuum cleaners reduce the stress of keeping your home beautifully clean. But, if you’re seeking more convenience and the least possible effort required from your end, you should opt for a robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners can almost eliminate the need for supervision or control while ensuring effective cleaning of your home. In this article, we reviewed the Coayu C530 robotic vacuum. Read on to see if it’s an ideal option for you.

What’s the price?

About The Manufacturer

Coayu is an independent brand founded in 2015 by Guangdong Baole Robot Co., Ltd. The brand aims to channel the company’s R&D manufacturing experience to meet the needs of the growing domestic intelligent sweeping robot market. Although it was founded in 2015, the parent company, Baole Robotics, entered the smart robot company in 2004 and became a leading figure in the field of intelligent cleaning. They pay great attention to innovation. Its commitment is to provide a household service robot expert that understands life better, freeing hands, releasing creativity, and making time more valuable.

C530 Overview

Coayu C530 is a low noise, strong suction, and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner equipped with the high-end features found only in top-quality robotic vacuum cleaners. This device stands out for its ultra-thin design that can get to most hard-to-reach places like under the bed or sofa. It comes with intelligent sensors that guarantee very efficient cleaning operations via any of its four cleaning modes. These sensors further reduce the need for supervision and can brilliantly clean your home even while you’re away.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Intelligent control: This device provides two control options that ensure optimum user convenience with the least possible attention required. Firstis the smartphone control. This option lets you control your robotic cleaner from your smartphone via the COAYU mobile app available for both iOS and Android. Controls like switching between any of the four cleaning modes, automatic cleaning scheduling, orturning the device on/off. Alternatively, voice control via Alexa. You can link your machine to an Alexa device.So, you can speak to Alexa (Alexa skill name: coayubot) with simple instructions for starting/ ending the cleaning process or back to the charging station.
  • Intelligent power system: This robotic vacuum comes with a powerful 2150mAh Li-ion battery with a runtime of up to 115 mins after fully charged. The device has a charging time of 270mins, a charging dock, and intelligent sensors. These sensors allow the machine to trace its way back to the charging station when the battery gets low during a cleaning procedure. If the cleaning is complete, the device will also make its way back to the charging dock, waiting for the next cleaning.
  • Highly- efficient cleaning: Coayu C530 features four cleaning modes (Edge, Spot, Random, and Intensive) and other functions that guarantee an in-depth, thorough cleaning of your home. The Edge cleaning mode has bilateral brushes that easily cleans stubborn dirt along the wall and corners of your home. Other cleaning modes will provide extensive cleaning of carpets or hard floors. There is Wet Mopping equipped with a dustbin and water tank function. This optionenables the device to sweep then wet mop the floors for a complete and deep clean.
  • Safe Assistant: C530adopts an anti-fall technology sensor that detects ledges and prevents the device from falling stairs or steps. You can choose to schedule a cleaning routine for your device and limit it to work in a particular area only. You do that by using the included magnetic strip in those restricted areas, and the machine will detect the strips and not go there.


Coayu provides a 12 month warranty on this product


  • Four extensive cleaning modes
  • Intelligent robot
  • App and voice control convenience
  • Non-stop cleaning function allows the device to climb door ledges with a height of 20mm step
  • Affordable
  • Supports wifi


  • No camera


All in all, Coayu C530 is an outstanding machine that allows extreme user convenience alongside a brilliant, in-depth cleaning for your home. Its intelligent sensors, relatively longer runtime than most competitors, compact design, and excellent cleaning modes make it standout. Sadly, the machine does not have a camera like more recent models. But remember, robotic vacuum cleaners with a camera are quite pricey. So, for its price, this device offers excellent value.

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  • Smartphone Control
  • 4 Cleaning Modes
  • Non-Stop Cleaning
  • Wet Mopping
  • Wet Mopping

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