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Jashen V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Jashen might not be a very popular brand in the vacuum industry, but their products are worth the recognition without any doubt. Their model, V16 stands among the best cordless vacuum cleaners out there. So, is this a good cleaner worth investing? Should you consider buying for your carpet and floors? Here is a Jashen V16 review to help you understand it better.

What’s the price?

V16 Overview

The vacuum cleaner comes with the annoying cords that might limit your movement around the house. Furthermore, its design isn’t heavy at all. You also get to enjoy other top features that assure you of a decent machine to work with.

Plus, it is a 2-in-1 cleaner that easily converts into a handheld unit. The cleaner also comes with a 1.5ltr dust cup that should perfectly suit a small house.

Features and Functions

  • Size and Weight

Jashen V16 is definitely a compact cordless vacuum cleaner that would suit a small apartment or any other confined house. It comes in at 2.5kgs and measures 25.4cm by 18cm by 111cm. The handheld unit is much lighter.

  • Motor/Suction Power

This might be a cordless cleaner, but its suction power is almost as strong as that of a corded unit. You enjoy a 350W digital brushless motor that assures you of strong suction. This will lift the embedded stain and dirt to make the cleaning experience easier.

The suction power of this unit is excellent at between 12kPa and 22kPa. You can adjust the suction power to suit your needs. This means that the machine offers you three suction/power modes. The Min power is best suited for light cleaning, the Mid Power works well with the general cleaning, while the Max level is perfect for deep cleaning your carpet, car interior, or pet hair.

  • Battery

First off, this vacuum cleaner comes with a removable battery to let you charge it separately. Since it comes with three power modes, it means that the run time will also be affected. Generally, you should expect this unit to run from around 15 minutes to a max of 40 minutes when in low mode. Keep in mind that the removable battery lets you have a spare with to replace it and get back to work.

  • Smart Floor Head

Jashen V16 also offers you two large brushes in one-floor head technology. This will give you an easy time when cleaning the hard floor and carpet. The floor head is controlled by a light sensor, which will then turn on or off the LRD headlamp automatically.

  • LED Panel Display

Doesn’t it sound good to have a unit that lets you know the power mode that you selected? It truly is a good feature, and that is what this vacuum cleaner offers you. With it, you get the LED panel display that shows you the power mode you selected.

Even better, the cleaner will show you the battery level so you don’t get disappointed along the way.

  • Intelligent Screen Display

Another plus-size feature of this vacuum cleaner is the intelligent screen display. With this, the vacuum will always remind you to clean the filters when they need to be cleaned. When it is properly cleaned, you can be sure of better performance.

This will show on the display with a red light to tell you when the filters need some cleaning.

  • 4-Stage Filtration With HEPA Filter

The filtration system of this vacuum cleaner is also worth pointing out. It offers you a 4-stage filtration system that will ensure the air sucked in is well contained, the dust particles trapped inside, and clean air released back into the air. Above all, the HEPA filter will ensure that dust and allergens don’t get back into the room.


  • Lightweight design
  • 4-stage filtration system with HEPA filter
  • The screen shows when you should clean the filters
  • Smart floor head turns on and off the headlamp when needed
  • Removable battery for convenient recharging and replacement
  • Three power modes for reliability
  • Adjustable gate to set the needed clearance


  • The motor can be loud


Jashen V16 would make a good alternative to a Dyson cordless cleaner if you are short on budget. It allows you to get the best while spending less. If you don’t mind it getting slightly loud when set on high power, then you won’t have a difficult time working with the vacuum cleaner.

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  • 350W Brushless motor
  • Removable Battery
  • Smart Floor Head
  • Intelligent Screen Display
  • LED Panel Display

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