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MIC OMK-EV691-UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Getting a vacuum cleaner is more of a necessity than a luxury. If you are keen on buying one, there are specific features and design you need to consider. The ease of use, motor power, suction power, and more. In this article, we reviewed a cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner – the MIC OMK-EV691-UK. Is this product an excellent pick for you? How does it compare with competitors? What unique advantage does it offer? You’ll find out all of those as you read.

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OMK-EV691-UK Overview

This device is a cordless, lightweight vacuum cleaner with a removable battery and suitable for carpets, hard floors, and pet hairs. One of its unique advantage over competitors within its price range is its powerful suction ability of 20000Pa. This suction power is, in fact, the highest suction you can get on any handheld vacuum cleaner.

The MIC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner also stands out for its superior grade brushless motor with a fair power rating but high RPM. If you are keen on keeping your home very quiet even while cleaning, this machine can afford you that luxury by both ensuring brilliant cleaning as well with a low sound intensity of less than 75dB.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Design: While this machine’s design might not be the most eye-catching one in the market, its overall build guarantees optimum cleaning operation with ample user convenience. First, it features a unique V-shaped floor nozzle that is effective in removing dust and both easy to assemble and clean. The brush head allows adjustments horizontally up to 180 degrees and vertically, up to 90 degrees. This customization along with its integrated LED headlights allows users to reach tight or constrained places like corners or floor under a piece of furniture.
  • Powerful brushless motor: While the motor on MIC OMK-EV691-UK has a fairly low power rating, it can deliver speeds of up to 100000RPM and 20000Pa suction power for deep cleaning. This is possible because the device has a superior-grade brushless motor and this motor-type is easy to maintain, intelligent, and energy-efficient.
  • Cordless and rechargeable: Generally, cordless vacuum cleaners can provide users with better use of their machines since they can reach any part of their homes without the restriction of a short power cable. They also eliminate the stress of untangling long power cords, thus; ensuring a comfortable and convenient cleaning operation.

The device uses a detachable 2200mA battery that offers a runtime of up to 5o minutes on the low suction mode. On the high suction mode, the device will last for 14 minutes. The machine comes with a wall-mounted charging system and it takes between 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery. The charging stand saves you space and keeps your home looking good when stored.

  • Advanced filter system: This cordless vacuum cleaner forces air via an advanced High-density HEPA filter. The filter system stands outs for its ability to trap particles like mites, pollen,and microscopic dust effectively. It also ensures that 99.9 % of these particles are not released back into the house.

Unlike any other vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter system, the MIC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner allows you to remove and wash its filter easily. The package comes with extra interchangeable HEPA filters. While you clean the filters with water immediately after use, make sure they are completely dry before reinstallation.

  • Accessories: This device has a handy 2-in-1 nozzlebrush that allows users to switch from sofa to skirting board easily. Hence, making the device ideal for car interior as well as home use.
  • One-Button Pour dust: This function allows users to empty the device’s 0.5 litres dust tank by a simple push of a button. This function as well with its easily disassembled dust container ensures maximum user convenience.


This machine has a 12-month guarantee.


  • Innovative V-shaped electric floor nozzle
  • High suction power
  • Relatively long runtime
  • Compact, portable, flexible and lightweight design
  • Powerful brushless motor with low noise


  • Small dust container


Overall, MIC OMK-EV691-UK vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly but high-performance vacuum for your home. Its unique design, powerful suction, advanced filter system, and easily disposable dust container system guarantees user convenience and superb cleaning. However, it is marred by its little dust tank and will require you to empty this tank more frequently.

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  • 14mins runtime
  • 500ML capacity
  • 20000Pa

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  1. What country does the this Vacuum Cleaner come from please. If there is a problem with the vacuume after use, where is customer services based? Thank you

  2. i got ev691 by mic . it is just over 1 year old . at high speed it cuts out after a minute. what is the problem and how it can be solved.

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