Shark WV200UK

Shark WV200UK Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

There are many cleaners in the market, while the concept of rechargeable cleaners designed for spot cleaning is not new. Many brands on the market, offering portable, rechargeable cleaners that were designed for spot cleaners.

However, the way Shark WV200UK deals with the issue is unique. The Shark brand is a cordless vacuum cleaner, which is handheld, stylish, and its suction is very powerful.

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WV200UK Perfect Design

Unlike other cleaners, it is designed with a unique mission. It is designed to deal with spills conveniently, and very quick. It is also good at cleaning very small areas like the sofas, car seats and foot wells, and stairs.

It is also, good at cleaner stubborn pets hair tuck in difficult parts of sofas, thanks to its powerful suction that is good at maneuvering challenges places to dig out dirt.

it offers 8 minutes of intensity and thorough cleaning, for spot cleaning, compare to its weight and size, Shark WV200UK brings to fore superb suction power, compared to older versions of dust cleaners, the Shark make them look like toys, in terms of efficiency, power, and ease of use.

It takes two hours, thirty minutes to charge the Shark, although this may be one of the weaknesses of the product, an area the manufacturer should be working on to improve on in the new versions, however, if it is not meant to cleaner a hallway or the entire living room.

 the Shark is a good companion when dealing with smaller areas and spaces, it may be a spill, nipping the stairs, cleaning sofas and stubborn pets’ hair on sofas, or cleaning pets’ beds, and well as the interior of cars.

With a weight of 1.3kg, it is very light in the hand, and its ergonomic design makes it very convenient, when using it to cleans regardless of if it is tricky surface or hidden spaces on sofas, car seats, and foo wells.

Easy to Setup

One of the strengths of The Shark is the fact that it is easy to set up, convenient to assembly in a few minutes, or clean its tools with ease. It comes with HEPA grader filter that is washable, and a wire mesh, to ensure little dust is exhausted into the room when cleaning. Its small bin is bagless, which can be emptied in a few seconds.

If a thorough cleaning is required, the bin can be completely removed from the machine, however, you must be careful because both the power and bin buttons sit very close to each other, to prevent accidental emptying of the bin during cleaning.


The main compartment of Shark WV200UK ends in a broad nozzle, which can be used bare for daily vacuuming exercises.

It has tumbleweed for pet hair cleaning, the nozzle and tumbleweed are large enough for adequate airflow.

The pet tool, which is multi-surface, though small, is an upholstery-style device that connects to the actual nozzle. With the aid of small plastic clips, the system is held in place and removes by a simple pull to set it free.

When it comes to dusting, the duster tool is a nozzle with a small dusting brush designed to flip over. The charging dock is simple, neat, and easy to use since it is designed to be invisible places, no wonder it is stylish as far as charging dock is concerned.

It also has two slots located at the rear to accommodate the tools and a lead of 1.2 meters cable a special wall-wart charger.


•    Its battery can run for 8 minutes when fully charged

•    Easy to empty dirt

•    Very light, just at 1.3kg

•    115W/10.8V motor

•    2-year warranty

•    HEPA filtration

•    Dustin tool for crevices and pets

•    2.5 hours Charge during

•    0.25l dust bin


•    Comfortable on stairs

•    Tools store

•    Removes pets hair with ease

•    Easy to use

•    Ergonomic handle and handheld part

•    Strong suction compare to its size


•    Relatively costly

•    It is quite noisy

•    Bin too small

•    Battery life too short compared to the number of hours you need to charge it


In the realm of spot cleaners that are portable, Shark WV200UK is in the world of its own. It is lightweight, stylish, with ergonomic handle and is very effective when cleaner small spaces like the stairs and sofas ridden with pets’ hair.

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  • Powerful Suction
  • One-Touch Easy Empty
  • Fast Charging
  • Ideal for quick clean-ups
  • 8 Minute Runtime

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