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Ultenic D5S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Generally, vacuum cleaners are an easy and comfortable way to clean up your home. However, robot vacuum cleaners take ease and cleaning to a whole new level. They are incredibly efficient, small, compact, and easy to store, detect all levels of dirt, and work on different surfaces. We reviewed one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market – Ultenic D5S robot vacuum cleaner. Read on to see if it is perfect for you. 

What’s the price?

About The Manufacturer

Ultenic is a top brand committed to providing smart and healthy home appliances for global users. The company believes that the productivity of science and technology is undergoing tremendous changes because of the rapid development of the internet. So, products and solutions may no longer meet people’s needs as customers want to gain attention to their differences and respect for individuality. Ultenic aims at providing diverse smart home experience solutions that recognize customers’ lifestyles by spreading the brand’s concept of technology, cleanliness, intelligence, and youth.

D5S Overview

Ultenic D5S is a top-quality, exception product that provides users with almost all the features and convenience that can be available in a robot vacuum cleaner. The device standout for its intelligent, superior-quality design that shimmers luxury and ease at its best. This smart machine comes equipped with sensors that guarantee and highly-efficient cleaning from any of its three cleaning modes. It also eliminates the common problems on competitors like short run time, falling from edges, and more.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Intelligent control: this device provides different control options that ensure convenience and the least possible attention from users. First, you can control your robot cleaner from your smartphone through the Ultenic app available for both iOS and Android. From your mobile phone, you fully control the device like switch cleaning modes, schedule an automatic cleaning, or turn the device on/off. Also, the machine is both google Home and Alexa compatible. So, you can easily configure the setup, start, stop, and dork the cleaner via voice control.
  • Intelligent power system: the Ultenic D5S comes with a powerful 2500mAh Li-ion battery that allows up to 100mins of constant cleaning after fully charged. Charging a vacuum never gets more comfortable than with this product. Precisely, if the battery gets low while the cleaning is not complete, the robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging dock to boost its power. Also, after work is complete, the device will trace its steps back to the charging dock, waiting for the next cleaning.
  • Highly- efficient cleaning: There are many functions in this machine that ensure high efficiency in cleaning. First, there is an edge cleaning mode with a bilateral brush that easily cleans stubborn dirt along the wall and other corners of your home. There is a water tank in the device that allows it to mop your floors via the mopping mode. The device also has a carpet boost function. This option, along with its two large wheels that helps it move smoothly through carpets or hard floors. When on a carpet, the machine will automatically increase the suction power to the max mode and provide a thorough clean.
  • Advanced sensors: D5S will not clean your home like with other robot cleaners. Correctly, the device follows a logical cleaning path and provides a thorough clean without missing sections of the floor. You can choose to limit the regions the machine cleans by using its included boundary slips. Its specialized sensors will detect such strips and not change the machine’s course.

Equipped with this device is the anti-drop technology. This function uses sensors to detect ledges and avoid the machine from falling.


Ultenic provides one year warranty on this product.


  • Powerful 2200Pa suction ability with three levels for dust, hairs, and crumbs
  • Non-stop cleaning function allows the device to clime door ledges with a height of 20mm step
  • Intelligent and durable battery
  • Auto charge function
  • Voice control


  • Quite pricey
  • Fairly short warranty


All in all, the Ultenic D5S is undoubtedly one of the best robot cleaner available today. The device has all the features available on other high-end competitors. Yet, it goes further in providing better ease of use and other outstanding features. It may be quite pricier than other robot vacuum cleaners, but its features, superior build quality, and intelligent system superciliously justifies its price,

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  • 2600mAh BATTERY

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