Vax CCQSAV1P1 Air Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

Cyclonic vacuum cleaners come with a different design than the regular vacuum cleaners. Their unique advantage over the typical vacuums is its motor’s ability to pick and fan dirt and debris into its cyclonic chamber. In this article, we reviewed the Vax CCQSAV1P1.

What’s the price?

Is this product your ideal cyclonic vacuum cleaner? How does it compare with competitors? What exceptional advantage does it offer? Let’s find out!

About The Manufacturer

Vax is a Worscestire based manufacturer of floor care equipment with a heritage that dates back to 1977. The company gained popularity for its revolution in the cleaning industry when it launched the first three-in-one machine that can wash, suck up pills, and vacuum carpets – the 101. Not too long, their products went global, and from 1995 many of its vacuum cleaners were available in over 50 countries. In 1999 they became part of the TTI group-a worldwide market and innovation leader in power tools, floor care, laser, and electronic products. Hardly 15 years after joining the TTI group and increasing its production scope, Vax is now one of Britain’s leading floorcare providers. Its new ground-breaking range of vacuum cleaners further cements its place among other top floorcare brands in the industry.

CCQSAV1P1 Overview

Vax CCQSAV1P1 is a powerful, multi-cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaner with high suction power. Its most distinctive feature is the Multi-cyclonic technology that provides constant, powerful pickup on all floor types with no loss of suction. Its design- the combination floorhead ensures optimum flexibility and movement between carpets and hard floors for a brilliant home clean. Its compact and lightweight construct also sets the device above many competitors. Thus, making it convenient to carry it up or down the stairs with ease.

Some Unique Features Of This product

  • Advanced filter system and multi-cyclonic technology: The combination of HEPA filter and the powerful cyclonic technology makes cleaning with this device both efficient and healthy. First, the machine forces air via an advanced fine-mesh HEPA filter that efficiently traps 99.98% of microparticles like mites and pollen as well with allergens. It furthereliminates the possibility of releasing these trapped dust and allergens back into your home during the cleaning process.

The machine’s multi-cyclonic technology provides powerful and constant suction that can pick dirt and debris on all floor types with ease.

Many cyclonic machines have tricky or somewhat difficult tank opening mechanism. However, it is not so with this one. Its 1.5L dust tank opens easily and allows you to discard the dirt conveniently.

  • Design: Another unique feature that makes Vax CCQSAV1P1 quite better than some competitors is its design. The machine weighs about 5.5kg, although slightly heavier than other high-end devices, but is it flexible and portable. It features a 6meter long power cable and a 1.5meter long hose. So, it can be easily manoeuvred to clear dust and bits of debris in any section of your home, and wouldn’t be much stressful to carry up/down the stairs.
  • Accessories: This device has a handy 3-in-1 dusting brush/crevice tool rather than the 2-in-1 design on most competitors. The design allows you to use the machine is constrained areas like car seats, or any other tight areas easily. Included in its package is a Turbo Tool that can remove embedded dirt and pet hair from any space in your home, above the floor.


Vax offers a 12-month guarantee on this machine.


  • Rinseable HEPA filters
  • Multi-cyclonic technology
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Included Turbo Tool perfect for upholstery, stairs and homes with pet
  • High-power motor (850W) with a good suction power
  • Relatively large dust bin capacity (1.5 liters)


  • Quite heavier than competitors
  • Most suitable for small homes

Recommendation And Buying Option

Overall, Vax CCQSAV1P1 Air Pet Vacuum does an excellent job of picking dirt, debris, dust and pollen. It is an excellent option if you’re looking for a portable cyclonic machine for your small home. The machine’s stand out features are its high-power motor, HEPA filter system, multi-cyclonic technology and Turbo Tool.

We fully recommend this device if you have a small home, and you’re looking for a cheap but effective cyclonic vacuum cleaner to clean up debris, dirt and, most importantly, pet hair.

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Vax CCQSAV1P1 Rating


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  • Multi-cyclonic technology
  • Compact design
  • Corded Electric
  • Lightweight
  • 900 Watts

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