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Vax Gator H85-GA-B10 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Generally, cordless, handheld vacuum cleaners stand out for their excellent user convenience and ease of use. But, the Vax Gator H85-GA-B10 cordless vacuum cleaner takes convenience to a whole new level because of its design. Yes, none of the Jules Verne goodness of the design would be worth a devalued franc if it didn’t guarantee a top-quality cleaning operation. So, let’s find out!

What’s the price?

About The Manufacturer

Vax was founded in 1977 in Droitwich, Worcestershire by the British entrepreneur – Alan Brazier. The company has a reputation for innovation since its inception. Its first product, the patented 101 vacuum cleaner became the best-selling vacuum cleaner in the UK in less than 8 years of its first production. They started business overseas by 1995 and became part of the TTI group- a global market and innovation leader in floorcare, power tools laser, and electronic products. Down the years, the product range expanded to include the multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner, upright carpet washers, air purifiers, and more. Thus, we can easily say that Vas has grown from a company selling one ground-breaking product to a powerful market leader offering one of the widest range of floorcare in the industry.

H85-GA-B10 Overview

In 2014, Vax launched the Air Cordless- fully-sized cordless vacuum cleaners powerful enough to clean homes for a fairly long time. Vax H85-GA-B10 is a premium product of this division perfect for everyday mess and spills. It ensures a convenient and easy pick up for tackling crumbs, spot cleaning and its portability allow for usage in cars, stairs, and other hard-to-get regions.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • The cordless convenience: With Vax Gator, you will never have to worry about reaching any section of your home or any tight space in your car for cleaning. It eliminates the stress also common with long cables tangling. Thus, guaranteeing optimum comfort and convenience as you use it. 

The machines use a 10.8V rated Lithium-ion battery for its operation. The battery has a charge time of 12 hours and will last for up to 15 minutes while picking quick spills and mess.

  • Lightweight design: Another standout feature of this device is its design. We know there are many handheld vacuum cleaners available today but only a few of these devices are handier than this product. The device weighs a bit above one kilogram (1.24kg), but its handle allows you to hold it freely and conveniently. So, it can be easily manoeuvred to clear dust, bits of debris, crumbs or spills from any section of your home with no strain on your arm and wrist.
  • Price: We’ve all been there: you’re fully convinced that a Ferrari would be darling, but that Vespa is a lot friendlier to your pocket. This handheld device may not be the cheapest there is in the market, but it is certainly not on the expensive side either.
  • Accessories: This device, as with other top handheld vacuum cleaners has a built-in crevice tool that makes it great for cleaning confined areas easily. So, cleaning between sofas, under car seats, or other hard-to-reach areas wouldn’t be a problem for this device.
  • Gator mouth technology: A region many good handheld vacuum cleaners fail is its dirt disposal from its bin. However, this machine features the Vax Gator Mouth technology that allows a quick, easy, and hygienic method of waste disposal. Precisely, by a push of the dirt release button, the machine open’s its tank and a little shake will efficiently empty the dirt.


Vax offers a 12-month guarantee on this machine.


  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Excellent in cleaning confined areas
  • Built-in crevice tool for reaching difficult spaces
  • Easy to empty


  • Long charge time
  • Short runtime
  • Small dirt tank

Recommendation and buying option

All in all, the Vax Gator H85-GA-B10 Cordless vacuum cleaner provides excellent removal of crumbs, spills, and other everyday spot cleanings. It is perfect for persons who need a small device for everyday cleaning and minimal use. However, its long charge time and short runtime make it unfit for very frequent use. Still, this is not a problem peculiar to this product, many handheld vacuum cleaners don’t last that long.

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  • 10.8 V Battery
  • 15min run time
  • Everyday Cleaning
  • Cordless Convenience

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