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Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Are you looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner that can do the job correctly? Without a perfect vacuum cleaner, it will be a tough task to maintain your home. Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet is one of the top-ratedvacuum cleaners that can meet all your cleaning requirements. 

What’s the price?

Codeless vacuum cleaners are the millennium trend, and it has put a strong challenge to the conventional vacuum cleaners.They are generally light weighted and in high demand. While using, one will never face the restrictions of cord length and unavailability of power sockets nearby. 

Summary of Blade 4 Pet

Vax vacuum cleaner with a motorized pet tool is an inevitable dusting device for pet lovers.  It offers an array of innovative features like cordless design, dust tracking, motorized pet tool, and high-quality fast-charging batteries to clean your home efficiently. Besides, the removable dust bin,dust vault technology, LED headlights to track dust and pet hair, and brushless motor augment the cleaning process. The vacuum cleaner is 114 x 24 x 18.5 cm in size and has a capacity of 0.6 liters.

Highlighted Features

Removable Fast charging ONEPWR battery

The product comes with a revolutionary 4.0 Ah battery with a maximum runtime of forty-five minutes. The feature helps in cleaning the surfaces without recharging. It also accommodated with a three-hour fast charging option cutting short the recharging time. If you want to clean continuously or extend the run time for more cleaning purposes, the multiple batteries in Vax ONEPWR vacuum cleaners will give you the best results.

Three-stage filtration features

The innovative dust vault technology enables the cleaner to provide a satisfactory result. It can search for the minutest dust particles and collect about 99.8 percent of particles, even in size of 0.3 microns.  Combined with the three-stage filtration process, it can effectively clean the surfaces.The motorized pet tool will capture all the heavy dirt, pet hair, and dust. It helps in easy cleaning of pet beds, upholstery items, and car boots neatly.

LED headlights to track dust

The LED headlights help you to identify the spots that required cleaning. It ensures that no area is for the dust to hide.

Brushless motor

Yet another critical feature is the brushless motor by using Vax core technology.  With the Vax core technology,a 32-bit microprocessor continually monitors the cleaning efficiency. The brushless motor makes the cleaning process very quiet. 

Antimicrobial protection

Vax vacuum cleaner has antimicrobial protection feature. Generally, vacuum cleaners may release a good chunk of dust or particle concentrations from the already settled dust or exhaust air. But, in the Vax vacuum cleaner, the antimicrobial protection featureslower indoor allergens exposure to people. It will minimize the chance for peoplefrom getting asthmatic attacks. Low bacterial dust emissions ensure theminimum amount of mechanical disturbance of dust already settled in the room.

Innovative design and cordless feature

Since the vacuum cleaner is cordless, you can take it anywhere without any plugging constraints. It weighs only 3.1 kilograms, and the lightweight design lets you move the vacuum cleaner effortlessly to wherever in the home. The feature helps in cleaning cobwebs away from the ceiling effortlessly.

Removable bin

The bin inside the vacuum cleaner is removable and is extremely beneficial in emptying of dust in the most hygienic manner. You can remove the flap provided at the bottom of the bin easily for emptying. The filter is washable.


  • Lightweight
  • Cordless
  • LED headlights
  • Brushless motor
  • Fast recharger
  • Removable 4.0 Ah battery with 45 minutes runtime
  • Dust tracker and Brush bar with antimicrobial benefits
  • Additional toolkit
  • Vax Core technology
  • Antimicrobial protection


  • Cannot stand alone
  • Top portion is heavy


The Blade 4 Pet vacuum cleaner is a relatively quiet and a powerful cleaning device.On turbo mode, the product can suck out even micro pet hair as tiny as 0.3 microns and can capture 99.8% of the dirt. Equipped with3-hourfast charging technology, you can proceed with uninterrupted cleaning for 45 minutes without a further recharge.It is wall-mountable and hence easy store.

The product price substantiates with quality and performance; hence, it is the best choice to manage your home cleaning requirements. The manufacturer also offers no question return policy for eligible customers.  The vacuum cleaner stands top among the best sellers in the UK market, as per the market feedback and customer rating.


The impressive Vax Blade 4 Pet is a worthy product for the value when comparing to its peers. With interchangeable battery options and 3-hour quick recharging features, you are all set to use the vacuum cleaner for 45 minutes continuously. Its floor head, beingmotorized, picks up all the pet hair in just one sweep.Features such as power modes and brush selectors provided on the handle are very much handy to make the cleaning job effortless. Low maintenance, wall mount storage option, dust tracking features, fast charging capabilities, various power modes, and extended battery run time makes it the right choice!

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  • Antimicrobial protection
  • DustVault
  • Brushless motor
  • Removable bin
  • No loss of suction

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