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Vax OnePWR Glide Cordless Hardfloor Cleaner Review

Are you in search of a good battery-powered vacuum? If you are, then you should give the Vax OnePWR Glide Vacuum a shot. It is a cordless vacuum that is meant to offer you an easy time when cleaning your house. Thanks to the features onboard, this unit can perfectly handle different surfaces without a problem. Furthermore, it will kill 99.9% of germs while cleaning. Here is a detailed Vax Glide review to help you have a deep understanding of the vacuum cleaner.

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OnePWR Glide Overview

Vax OnePWR Glide comes with some serious suction power even with its battery power. The motor on board is meant to deliver excellent power while it glides over your floors and other surfaces. It is designed with two tanks to let you clean your surfaces with clean water at all times. Furthermore, the cleaner comes with a lightweight design to give you an easy time when cleaning your surfaces.

Features and Functions

  • Size and Dimensions

You don’t have to worry about carrying this unit around while you are cleaning the house. Vax Glide also comes with a tank that is meant to save you the time for emptying and refilling it. The cleaner comes in at 111cm by 29cm by 25cm. In other words, the cleaner offers you a cleaning width of 29cm, which isn’t bad at all. You can be sure of getting done with the cleaning job faster.

In terms of weight, this one comes in at close to 5kg. This way, you can easily glide over your floors with ease.

  • Motor/Suction Power

The motor on this cleaner might not rank among the most powerful out there, but for a cordless unit, it is decent enough. It comes with a 220W motor that is powered by the 18V battery. With this, you can be sure of enough power for working on your floors and carpets. It might not be the best pick for the high-pile carpets or overly dirty floors. But for general cleaning, it doesn’t disappoint.

  • ONEPWR Li-Ion Battery

The battery on this fella is another feature worth mentioning. It comes with an 18V rating and it does an amazing job at cleaning your surfaces. Another plus feature about the battery onboard is that it has been designed to offer constant powerful performance. In other words, the power won’t fade even when the battery is low.

It then offers you a working time of 30 minutes when the battery is fully charged. In turn, you will have to wait for 3 hours for the battery to charge fully when it is flat. 30 minutes should be enough time if you are doing general cleaning with the machine.

Keep in mind that the 4.0Ah battery is removable, which allows you to charge it separately or as a whole unit.

  • Dual-Tank Technology

You’ll enjoy working with Vax OnePWR Glide, thanks to its twin-tank technology. Here, you get two separate tanks that help you handle your cleaning duties with ease. One tank is for clean water, while the other tank is for dirty water. This way, you can always be sure of cleaning with fresh water. The clean water capacity is 0.63lts, while the dirty water tank is 0.28lts large.

Even better, the company offers you a cleaning detergent with this vacuum. In other words, you can easily get started as soon as you purchase the machine. This also helps you to know the right detergent to purchase next when you ran out.

  • LED Headlight 

You’d love working with this vacuum, especially when cleaning the dark corners or under furniture. It offers you a DirtTracker LED headlight that is meant to illuminate the low-lit areas so that you can easily see what you are cleaning.

  • Auto Clean System

As soon as you are done washing your hard floors, this unit will auto clean itself. This is made possible by the auto-clean system onboard. The system will rinse the machine with ease as it prepares it for the next cleaning session.


  • Lightweight design
  • Offers two tanks for clean and dirty water
  • LED headlight onboard illuminates low-lit and dark corners
  • Features an auto-clean system for rinsing the machine after a cleaning session
  • Non-fading suction power


  • It requires some maintenance
  • Cleaning excessively dirty floors can be challenging


So, this might not be the best pick for an extremely dirty floor, but if you need a unit for cleaning your carpet and floors weekly, it would serve you decently. Operating it is easy-breezy, thanks to the button on the handle. It also wouldn’t be a good pick if you have a heavy-shedding pet. All in all, Vax OnePWR Glide is a decent cordless unit that’d help you keep your house clean regularly.

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  • Extra cleaning power
  • DirtTracker LED headlight
  • Auto clean system
  • Multi-Surface cleaning
  • ONEPWR Multifloor Solution

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