Vax UCUESHV1 950W Air Lift Steerable Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner Review

Pets are amazing. From the company they offer, the fun time when you get to play with them, taking a stroll especially with the dogs, and when showing them off to your neighbors and friends. The list is endless on how our pets make our lives much fun. However, the pet hairs make the cleaning of floors, carpets, rugs,and even the pet bed stressful. The pet hairs can be stuck on the corners and underneath furniture, making it even harder on us. But, thanks to the vacuum cleaners we can do the cleaning easily. Today we focus our attention on the Vax UCUESHV1 Air Lift Steerable Pet Pro vacuum cleaner.

What’s the price?

Keep reading and find out the key features, functionality, pros and potential negatives of this vacuum cleaner. It is an upright vacuum cleaner with a lift-out cylinder, 1.5litres capacity and energy class A. It uses steerable technology and has a 2-year warranty.

The UCUESHV1 Design and Performance

Lift-out cylinder

VaxAir Lift steerable pet pro is lightweight and portable. This makes it suitable for all homes cleaning including car cleaning, above floors and stairs. By lifting off the cylinder,you can clean hard to reach areas with much ease.

Steerable technology

The steerable technology helps you navigate smoothly around furniture and other obstacles that hinder you from cleaning efficiently. It has a dual axis that enables you to twist and turn around furniture simply by flicking your wrist allowing you to clean effortlessly. However, cleaning under low objects can get obstructed by the cylinder. The air lift’s hose can be detached from the main brush, and you attach accessories such as crevice tool so that you can reach those areas. Also, you can disconnect the cylinder and hold it with the other hand to clean the unreachable areas. With full recline, the vacuum cleaner gets underneath furniture.


The Vax UCUESHV1 uses multi-cyclonic technology ensuring no loss of suction. This provides excellent pickup, eliminating all dust and dirt. This model also has AAAA performance ratings measuring carpet and hard floor performance, overall energy usage,and dust emission. With such ratings, be assured it’s worth being on your watch list.


The lightweight of Vax UCUESHV1 makes it easy to carry from room to room. This allows you to do maximum cleaning with less effort and fatigue and this means you can clean more ground.

Portable cylinder

Cleaning above the floor, stairs,and cars have been made easier with the movable cylinder.

Bin emptying

Emptying the bin is very easy. There is a clip on at the bottom of the bin, and all you need to do is to lift the cylinder out, then release the clip on which will pop open dropping out the content of the bin.

For homes with pets

Vax Air vacuum cleaner has a 3-in-1 tool which includes a brush, crevice and upholstery head. Also, it has a powerful turbo tool with a head design of a bear-claw that helps you remove fixed dirt and pet hair. It also has an additional Fur and Fluff tool, providing a complete cleaning solution for your home.

UCUESHV1 Key features

  • 1.5litres volume capacity
  • Product weight: 6.2 Kg
  • Item dimensions: 80 x 34 x 29 cm
  • Portable lift-out cylinder
  • Multi-cyclonic technology          
  • Turbo tool


  • Great performer on carpets
  • Effective at picking up pet hair
  • Easy to empty dust canister
  • Removable cylinder
  • AAAA performance ratings

Potential Negatives

  • Doesn’t clean efficiently on hard floors
  • The cylinder is fairly heavy to hold for extended time use.
  • It has no variable power settings

Bottom line

The Vax UCUESHV1 Air Lift steerable pet pro vacuum cleaner is suitable for homes that struggle with pet hair removal. The lift-out cylinder makes it useful in cleaning unreachable areas as well as stairs and above floors. It’s also portable allowing you to carry it from room to room. It offers excellent suction,and the AAAA performance ratings show how effective it is. However, it lacks in hard floor cleaning, and alternative options would be better for hard floors. The turbo tool is excellent for homes with pets since it allows maximum removal of pet hair. The 2-year warranty is a plus too.

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  • Power: 950W
  • Multi-cyclonic technology
  • Steerable technology
  • Lift-out cylinder
  • Includes a Hardfloor adapter

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