VYTRONIX CYL01 Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vacuum cleaners come in two different modes of operation – the cyclonic vacuums and the regular vacuums. With the cyclonic vacuum, the motor’s cleaner picks both debris and dirt and fans them into a cyclonic chamber. In this article, we reviewed a cyclonic vacuum cleaner – the VYTRONIX CYL01.

What’s the price?

Vacuum cleaners also divide into two types – Bagged and bagless types. Bagged-type can hold more dirt and empty them without releasing dust into the air. However, bagless vacuums, like this product, saves you the cost of buying bags by using cleanable and less-frequently changed filters. So, let’s dig into this product review already. Is this device an excellent pick? What features make it stand out among its competitors? You’ll find those out as you read.

About the manufacturer

The VYTRONIX brand – established in 2015 by the domestic appliance specialists and founders of Direct Vacuums says it recognizes the steady increase in the demandfora new range of economical products. So, it bases its operation in offering customers with personal and professional service, supplying an outstanding new range of quality and economical appliances into the very demanding market. The company boasts of excellent business and trading ethics with a high-level customer support team.

CYL01 Overview

The VYTRONIX CYL01 vacuum cleaner is a powerful, compact, and easy to use vacuum that will be a great addition for small homes. One stand out feature of this device is its extreme ease of use on carpets, hard floors, and upholstery. Its lightweight design as well with the on/off pedal that the user’s foot can easily and conveniently reach makes its operation hassle-free. We know, none of the Jules Verne goodness of the design would be worth a devalued franc if it cannot clean the house properly. But with the machine’s high power motor, advanced HEPA filters, and brush/crevice tools included efficient cleaning is sure.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Advanced filter system: The VYTRONIX CYL01 forces air via an advanced fine-mesh HEPA filter. This revolutionary HEPA filtration system can efficiently trap micro particles like mites and pollen as well with allergens. Moreover, it eliminates the possibility of releasing these trapped dust and allergens back into the room.

This filter system, along with the cyclonic technology ensures picking up even the most invincible dust and dirt particles in your home. Keeping your home fresh and healthy.

As powerful as its filter system and cyclonic operation is, this machine also lets you discard the dust stored easily and conveniently. It features an indigenous user-friendly opening mechanism that allows users to empty the contents of its 2L tank into a waste bin.

  • Design: One exceptional feature that gives this product an edge over competitors is its design. First, the machine is lightweight, flexible, and portable weighing only about 4.3kg. It features a 5 metre long power cable, an 80cm telescopic tube, and a 1.5 metre long hose. Hence, it can be easily manoeuvred to clear dust and bits of debris in any section of your home, under furniture and the tightest corners. Besides, its small size further accounts for easy storage.
  • Accessories: The CYL01 has a handy 2-in-1 dusting brush/crevice tool that allows users to switch from sofa to skirting board in seconds. Thus making it ideal for car interior as well as home use. This tool along with the device’s adjustable floorhead, variable suction, and flexible hose further increases the machine’s overall versatility.


VYTRONIX offers a one year guarantee on this product.


  • Inexpensive
  • High-power motor with a good suction power
  • Lightweight, flexible, portable and compact design
  • Large dust bin capacity (2 liters)


  • Short power cable
  • Most suitable for small homes

Recommendation and buying option

Overall, VYTRONIX CYL01 vacuum cleaner is an excellent device that offers great value for its price. It does a good job of ridding carpets and hard floors from dust, debris, allergen, and pet hairs. Its motor provides sufficient suction power that ensures a brilliant cleaning of your home or car. However, the machine is most suitable for small homes- as walking through a large room with its small floorhead could be tiresome. Moreover, it has a fairly short power cable that not allow its use in large areas.

So, if you have a small home and are looking for a cheap cyclonic vacuum cleaner, this product is a good option.

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  • High Power Motor
  • Weigh: 4.3Kg
  • HEPA filtration system
  • 2L dust bin
  • 5m power cord

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