Different Types of Drill Bits

Different Types of Drill Bits – Get To Know Them

Using a drill seems like an easy thing. You want to make a hole in something and a drill is one of the fastest ways to do that. But beginner’s don’t often think about one thing – the type of bit that they need to use. There are different types of bits available for drilling through special materials. These materials, such as glass, acrylic, or ceramic, will need a different type of bit than you can use for drilling through wood on a woodworking project.

But no matter your skill level or what kind of project you want to do, there are a few basic types of drill bits that you need to be familiar with. These types of bits are readily available in most places, or can easily be bought online.

Twist Bits

These bits are the most common drill bits available and what will usually come standard with a new drill that you buy. They are available with different steel coatings that will make them harder or softer, perfect for drilling through different types of wood. The two tips available – split tip and spade point – differ in how difficult it can be to get the hole started, but twist bits are common, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Forstner Bits

A more expensive bit, forstner bits have the added benefit of cutting in two ways as opposed to the one way that twist bits cut. They make holes with very smooth sides, and the flat bottom on the bit means that your hole will also be flat. These kinds of holes are very attractive and are often what woodworkers want. Only really useful on soft materials, these bits cost a fair amount more than a regular bit and can be harder to use, requiring more strength to make a clean hole.

Step Drill

This isn’t a very common kind of drill bit and is usually used to cut holes in metal sheeting. They work on thin materials and aren’t ideal for woodworking projects because of that. The deeper you drill with a step drill the bigger the hole will be, as they are shaped like an upside pyramid with the size of the hole marked on the drill bit itself. They’re expensive, and not commonly used by the average homeowner.

Spade Bits or Paddle Bits

When you need to make a hole and aren’t worried about the quality of it – either because it’s in a difficult place to get to or will be an extra long hole – you should reach for a spade bit. They have a pointed tip to help get the drilling started easily and quickly and are also easy to sharpen. They’re really only useful on soft wood and will tear up the sides of the hole if you’re not careful.

Now that you know a little bit more about different types of drill bits you should be better suited to pick out what kind you need for your project. From home improvement, to woodworking, to industrial work, there’s a type of drill bit available for most every project. Picking the correct one will make your job easier and the end result the best it can be.

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