Gtech AirRam MK2

Gtech AirRam MK2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review (22V, Edge Cleaning Technology)

As one of the pioneers of cordless vacuum cleaners, Gtech has deployed a more improved Gtech AirRam Mk2. It features massive upgrades and versatility to suit the consumer needs. This gadget now promises an easier collection of dirt of different sizes, thanks to the modified suction system. Furthermore, you can now work in the dark due to the addition of headlights.

What’s the price?

This cleaner is very smart despite the lack of advanced flexibility. For this reason, you are assured of solving all your cleaning issues with this small beast. Ease of maneuverability on all surfaces – floor, tiles, limestone, and carpet – is all that you will experience when you get your hands on the new Mk2.


  • Highly maneuverability
  • Headlights
  • Easy to empty dirt
  • 40 minutes battery life(upper limit)


  • Problematic dealing with edges
  • Lacks attachments

The AirRam MK2 Features and Benefits


The new AirRam Mk2 has a powerful 22V lithium-ion battery which ensures it runs for a maximum period of 40 minutes when fully charged. This is logical since most cleaning takes an average of thirty to fifty minutes depending on the dirt accumulated.

The charging time is approximately four hours for it to charge fully and set to work again. Additionally, you get a rapid power burst to complete cleaning a small section after powering it for only one hour.

The fact that this gadget is powered using a lithium-ion battery assures you to worry less about the problems with replacing the battery every now and then. Another point to take home is the LED indicator to display the battery life and when to be recharged.


The innovative architecture of the vacuum cleaner which omits all key components on the handle makes it extremely lightweight. This makes it easy to hold and operate. This is a major plus since it can be handled easily by teens and ladies who mostly do most of the cleaning.

The lightweight design saves your strength when vacuuming carpets. It also features a swivel head which is excellent when working under the furniture or in tight areas. The AirRam MK2 also has a slim head and an adjustable handle which can go horizontal when cleaning under the furniture.

Clever Bin

The container is one of the top features of this vacuum cleaner which is located on top of the floor head. It is not a typical dust canister. It is easy to empty and also to eject it from the head of the gadget.

Emptying the dirt is done by holding the bin and pushing a simple lever positioned at the back. This is done with little effort and the dirt is emitted without you touching any debris. To get the bin back, all you have to do is to slide it back. Everyone considers hygiene while buying anything and it’s beyond reasonable doubt that Gtech had that in mind during the design.

Good news is that the gadget can compress debris worth 4 liters inside the 0.8-liter dust bin.


Mk2 is equipped with a powerful suction which leaves the floor outstandingly clean. The AirLoc technology is substantially important with regards to improved suction and power of the little beast of insanity. 

It is able to pick up both large and small debris which gives it an unfair advantage over its rivals and predecessors. The detachable battery can be charged separately which saves on space and ease of storage to avoid being an obstruction in the house.

The AirRam MK2 is equipped with a powerful brush bar. This gives it an upper hand among its peers due to the fact that it picks dirt stuck on cracks and crevices easily. You will also love the fact that the cleaning filters at the suction are washable after being in use for some time thus accumulating dirt.

Led headlights

The headlight is a feature you can work without but Gtech added it for convenience. The manufacturer decided not to gamble on matters pertaining efficiency of the machine. The lights are very useful though they are viewed by some persons as less important.

You only think otherwise when it is your turn to vacuum, you realize that they were not added inadvertently. They make the surfaces beneath the furniture visible. Moreover, they increase the visibility of dirt on the floors.

Floor head

The floor head serves as a very crucial feature. It has a powerful rotating brush bar which pulls more dirt and also aids in pushing the machine forward. The slightly low suction power is readily compensated with the brush bar.


The Gtech AirRam Mk2 outshines it’s  competitors of a similar capacity. Personally, I can attest to this having dealt with various vacuum cleaners for a while. It’s no doubt the satisfaction you will get while using this machine. This machine which makes you enjoy an activity for so long perceived as boring and tiresome.

Obviously, this gadget offers value for your money, especially after checking on its performance. However, on the flip side of the coin, you might need to seek an alternative if you have pets. This is because cleaning some types of hairs is a bit hectic using the Mk2.

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AirRam MK2 Rating


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  • 22V Lithium-ion battery
  • Cordless technology
  • Edge cleaning technology
  • Easy-empty bin
  • Lightweight design

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