Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill UniversalImpact 18

Bosch UniversalImpact 18 Cordless Hammer Drill Review

With the major improvement in the powertool industry, DIY task home/office projects, as well as other projects in the garden is now easier and less energy-demanding. In this article, we will review one such powertool- the Bosch UniversalImpact 18 drill.

What’s the price?

We know the reputation Bosch has in the market speaks for itself and her products shimmer excellent build quality and superb performance. However, you simply shouldn’t get a product for just those reasons. In this review, you will get a detailed appraisal of the device, seeing its standout features, performance, as well as its boon and bane. So, read on to see if this tool is your perfect home/office or workshop drill or you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Product Overview

UniversalImpact 18 is a fairly powerful but versatile drill that will effectively handle various DIY tasks involving screwing, drilling, or impact drilling. The device comes with excellent features that make its use extremely efficient, comfortable, and providing a professional finish to your workpiece. Its most stand out feature is the 20 selectable torque setting rather than 19 on most competitors. The tool can deliver a staggering 30Nm maximum torque effective for projects on metal (4mm max), plastic, wood, and masonry.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

Drilling and driving performance:

Bosch UniversalImpact 18 can deliver drilling and driving speed of up to 1350RPM. Although other high-quality drill drivers offer a little more speed the application and performance are almost the same. Despite weighing so small, the device delivers torque of 30Nm. Hence, making it an ideal choice for simple screwdriving in wood and metal, drilling in wood and light metal, as well as impact drilling into masonry.

Power and precision:

The 2-speed gearbox on this appliance allows you to select the right power and speed for drilling or impact drilling. First, the low-speed first gear is perfect for screwdriving or drilling large diameters into a workpiece. Whereas, the second gear allows faster drilling with small diameters. There are 20 torque stages on this device to ensure maximum precision and professional finish to your project. You can select the desired torque on the pre-setting ring for different materials. Typically, a low torque for softer materials and moderate to high torque for harder materials. Once selected, the max final setting guarantees optimum power.

Battery and accessories:

This drill driver runs all its operation from an 18V, 1.5Ah Lithium-ion battery. So, you will enjoy the cordless freedom, reaching constrained work areas. Even more, the supplied battery is the Bosch Power for ALL type. This battery type provides more flexibility as it fits also in different powertools from every ALL battery alliance partner. Hence, you can switch between different devices quickly and easily. 

Build quality and comfort:

High-price can be synonymous to better build-quality and that is true for this tool. Although its body parts are mostly of plastic and with the rubber coating lesser than most competitors. Still, there is no compromise on the device’s ability to reduce the vibrations sent to the user’s hands nor its durability. In fact, the reduced rubber coating as well with other improvements make the device lighter and less tiresome to work with than many other products. Lastly, the single-sleeve chuck design along with the automatic spindle locks allows for one-hand operation for easy drilling/driving and quick change of bits.

Product Specification

Dimension38.2 x 28.2 x 10cm
Maximum speed1350 RPM
Torque settings20
Included componentsCarry case, Two 18V Batteries, Drill, and charger.
Included BatteryYes (1.5Ah 18V Li-ion battery)


This device has a one-year warranty as well with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Contemporary, lightweight, and ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • Torque preselection with 20 levels
  • Single-sleeve chuck and automatic spindle lock
  • Sturdy construct
  • Excellent overall performance


  • Not powerful enough for a heavy-duty task like drilling into concrete
  • Quite pricier than competitors

Recommendation And Buying Option

If you are keen on getting a drill driver from a reputable brand for simple applications on DIY projects, home, office, or garden use, then Bosch UniversalImpact 18 suits you. Its fairly average torque makes it ideal for light tasks and it will perform excellently when used.

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  • 18 Volts
  • Lithium Ion
  • Battery Powered
  • 20 torque settings
  • 2.98 kg

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