Milwaukee M18ONEFHIWF12-502X Impact Wrench Review

A professional craftsman needs a professional power tool to help them with their projects. If you need an impact wrench in your projects, you can consider the Milwaukee M18ONEFHIWF12-502X wrench. This impact wrench is one of the best as it is designed to handle high-demanding projects with ease. It is a good pick to add to your arsenal, and you can be sure of getting the most of it.

Let’s explore more details of the impact wrench.

What’s the price?


The Milwaukee M18ONEFHIWF12-502X is an impact wrench specifically designed for craftsmen. It can still serve the DIYers, but a craftsman would enjoy it more since it even comes with a carry case. This way, you can head to the work station easily with it in its case. The wrench comes with a nut-busting torque, and you can enjoy a high impact rate and RPM as well. It isn’t on the lightweight side as it comes heavy at 7kg. The price point is higher than some models, but it will assure you of a good return on investment with its delivery.


This Milwaukee impact wrench runs on a single 18V battery that spits out excellent power for handling your projects. The battery comes with a 5.0Ah capacity, which is powerful enough for running the motor onboard. Thanks to the brushless motor on this unit, you can enjoy high no-load speeds of up to 17050RPM.


This Milwaukee impact wrench is made to deliver variable speeds of 550RPM, 1400RPM, and 1750RPM. Luckily, there is a convenient trigger to help you adjust the speed to match your project needs. You get to enjoy a 4-mode drive control that lets you shift to four different speeds.

Along with that, the wrench offers a decent impact rate that lets you handle different applications at a go. Here, you will get a maximum impact rate of 2300ipm. However, this can be changed to 450ipm according to what you need for your projects.


To assure you of success with your high-demanding projects, this impact wrench offers you a high fastening torque of 1356Nm. However, this can be adjusted easily to suit the project need accordingly. The torque comes in three settings, 130Nm, 400Nm, and 1356NM.

The best part is that you can enjoy a nut-busting torque of 1898Nm for those extra tight bolts and nuts. Thanks to the mode 4 bolt removal, you will enjoy the 1898Nm nut-busting torque that then shifts to 750RPM to give you unmatched control as you remove the fasteners.


Nobody would want to work with a power tool that doesn’t have a good design to offer them comfort. Milwaukee understands that, that is why they offer you a tool that comes with an ergonomic design for better handling and excellent control. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the wrench will possess an optimized center of gravity.

Along with that, the handle on this fella features a rubberized grip to prevent slippage, even when your hands get sweaty. However, it is advised to use the designated gloves for you to enjoy a sure grip and better control of the power tool.

Drilling Capacity

This fella comes with a 0.5inch fixed square friction ring reception that allows you to use different sockets on it. It accepts a maximum bolt diameter of M33, and it also works with the One-Key Tool control that allows you to enjoy wireless tool customization for better results with consistency.


The 5.0Ah battery on the M18ONEFHIWF12-502X wrench is a Lithium-Ion type that can handle different projects with ease. When you need to charge the battery, you will only have to wait for a maximum of 60minutes. The best thing is that it is a fast-charging battery that saves you time and allows you to get back to work in no time.


Unfortunately, this power tool doesn’t come with an LED light, but its delivery is satisfying enough. It also doesn’t have many accessories, but you get a charger, battery, and case with it.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Compatible with the One-Key Tool App
  • Nut-busting torque of 1898Nm
  • 4-mode drive control for variable speed and torque
  • Fast-charging in 60 minutes


  • It is heavier than most impact wrenches


The Milwaukee M18ONEFHIWF12-502X impact wrench can be a good addition to your arsenal as it comes with excellent features, along with a nut-busting torque of 1898NM. You can be sure of enjoying the 4-mode drive control to handle different applications.

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  • Max. fastening torque: 1356Nm
  • Li-ion
  • Impact rate: 0-450/0 - 2.300 ipm
  • Battery capacity : 5.0Ah
  • Battery-powered

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