Sealey CP400LI

Sealey CP400LI 18V Cordless Impact Wrench Review

Not everyone can afford a highly-priced power tool, especially if you want to handle some DIY projects. Also, nobody wants to go for a poor-quality tool that cannot do the work. So, if you want a balanced tool that is affordable but still very functional, we’d point you in the direction of the amazing Sealey CP400LI impact wrench. This tool makes a good budget impact wrench that performs decently without costing you much money.

We will be exploring more about the power tool in this article.

What’s the price?

The CP400LI Overview

The Sealey CP400LI impact wrench comes with sturdy construction to serve you for a long time while still being lightweight to give you easy handling and better control. It comes in at around 3kg, which is not too heavy. Yes, some units are lighter than this tool, but you won’t experience much exhaustion in your hand as you use it. You can work with it even in the low-lit areas, and carrying it around is easy as well. The company offers this tool with a sturdy case to keep the tool safely and for easy transportation.


Can an impact wrench that costs less than £120 be able to deliver excellently on multiple projects out there? Well, this one can. It is powered by a single 18V Lithium-Ion battery of 3Ah. This allows you to work with it easily and even handle different applications at once. It features a cast-aluminum gearbox that will deliver the best performance. This also makes it safe to use it outdoors without worrying about it catching corrosion or rust.


With the 3.0Ah battery, you get an impressive no-load speed of 2200RPM. Along with that, you get an impact rate that would impress you as well. This unit gives a maximum of 2700BPM impact rate. You will be sure of having enough speed and impact rate to handle your projects with ease.


If you will be getting this unit for your DIY jobs or other low-demanding projects as a craftsman, you’d enjoy working with it. The Sealey CP400LI impact wrench is made to spit an amazing torque of 400Nm which translates to 295lb.ft. Of course, that is incomparable to most units out there, but you still get to enjoy its delivery.


With the price tag of this unit, you’d expect it to score poorly in most areas, but that’s not the case. On the contrary, this impact wrench scores decently in terms of ergonomics. The weight is more lightweight to offer you better handling.

Other than that, this one comes with a double injection body, along with rubber grips. The rubber grips allow you to have a strong grip while assuring you of comfort. Even better, this power tool comes with a double injection body with rubber grips for you to hold it securely. Besides that, the rubber grips assure you of comfort.

Drilling Capacity

When purchasing this impact wrench, you would want to know the sockets that it can allow along with its drilling capacity. Like most impact wrenches, this one comes with a 0.5-inch square drive that accepts sockets of different types.


Working with this impact wrench will please you, thanks to the advanced technology that it possesses. In terms of the battery, you enjoy a 3Ah Li-Ion battery pack that will serve you with a decent runtime. However, this one takes slightly longer to recharge at 80minutes. But the best part is that it features thermal overload protection. This means that the battery is designed to cut power if the motor draws excess current for an extended time.

Also, you won’t have to worry about it overcharging or overloading if you leave it in the charger for a few minutes.


Thanks to the LED job light on this unit, you can use it for better visibility of the hidden bolts or when working in a low-lit area. It also comes with a charger and a carry case for easy portability.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Features LED work light
  • Comes with thermal overload protection
  • Delivers up to 2200RPM
  • Cast-aluminum gearbox for longevity


  • The torque might be limited for the high-demanding jobs


This Sealey CP400LI impact wrench is made to offer you excellent delivery without costing you a fortune. It comes with good ergonomics, and the torque, speed, and impact rate are all satisfying enough for DIY projects.

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Sealey CP400LI Rating


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  • Variable speed trigger
  • Rubber gearhead cover
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Cast aluminium gearbox
  • LED Work light

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