Ryobi R18IDBL-0 18V ONE+

Ryobi R18IDBL-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Brushless Impact Driver Review

Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturer of power equipment with headquarters in Fuchu, Hiroshima. The company aims to make pro-featured power tools and other products available at an affordable price. Ryobi R18IDBL-0 18V is an excellent product from the Japan-based company. It features affordable pricing without compromising quality or performance.

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In a bid to make this impact driver cheap, the Ryobi Limited supports the R18IDBL-0 with a ONE+ tool range. For a start, a tool range describes all devices with the same battery and charger power. Hence, if you have any Ryobi product of 18v, you can buy the body only.

The tool comes with excellent features and is ideal for tightening and removing fasteners. It also comes with the DeckDrive technology for the efficient driving of decking screws.

Some Unique Features Of The Impact Driver

  • Brushless motor: Brushless motors are the foundation of smart tools. In other words, devices whose motor communicates with their batteries. This communication is to optimize the overall performance of the machine and prevent the overheating of its parts. Precisely, power tools with brushless motor last ten times longer and are 40 percent more efficient than tools with brushed motors.

Also, brushless motors are more reliable and efficient. Correctly, they provide higher torque to weight ratio and torque to power ratio. Hence, superior in quality and performance.

Like other superior impact drivers, the Ryobi R18IDBL-0 comes with a brushless motor.

  • Three selectable speed levels: For drilling or driving screws, torque and speed are essential factors. The tool comes with three pre-programmed speed levels. First, it offers 50-RPM on the low setting. The medium and high option provides 200-RPM, although of different torques.

A huge problem with many impact drivers is a lack of control of speed level. That is, you can accidentally press the variable speed knob too hard, and the speed will become too much. Yet, the drill entirely solves that issue with a combination of a fixed speed option and variable speed trigger.

  • DeckDrive Technology: It is normal for impact drivers to drive fasteners into timber without a need to first drill the hole. However, it comes with a DeckDrive technology to improve on the norm. Precisely, this technology provides a smart driving style. I mean, it first drives the screw slowly, then speeds up after the screw gets into the wood. Lastly, it slows down and finally stops when the screw is entirely in the hole.
  • ONE + feature: One aim the Ryobi Limited intends to achieve is providing powerful devices at a low price. The ONE+ feature on the tool allows you to share batteries and chargers among 18V Ryobi power tools.

Other Features

  • Superior impact mechanism that provides 5x the power of Ryobi drills
  • Ergo-Tech grip feature
  • Integrated Tri-beam LED working light
  • Belt clip mounts on both side of the tool
  • Maximum of 4000IPM 
  • Auto-load chuck option and Magtray magnetic holder

Warranty Of The Impact Driver

R18IDBL-0 18v comes with a limited warranty on its design, battery, and parts.

  • Design 3 years
  • Battery 3 years
  • Parts 90 days

It also has a 90-day exchange policy. This policy allows you to return and get another tool if the craft is defective. However, you must present proof of payment and return every part of the machine with the product.

Safety Tips

  • Never operate power tool in explosive atmospheres
  • Ensure children and bystanders are relatively far when running the power tool
  • When using the machine, avoid body contact with earthed surfaces
  • Plug the appliance directly to an outlet. Do not use adapter plugs with the tool.
  • Secure all loose clothing, hair, and jewelry before using the device
  • Always wear eye protection


  • Cordless
  • Superb handling
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Very convenient to use
  • Sturdy construct


  • A bit noisy
  • Standalone tool: will require you to buy battery and charger separately 

Conclusion And Recommendation

In all, the Ryobi R18IDBL-0 offers excellent value for its price. Even more, it delivers all it promises. For that reason, it has numerous positive reviews and recommendations. For its price, it offers excellent value. However, the tool is relatively noisier than some of its competitors. 

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R18IDBL-0 18V Rating


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  • Brushless motor
  • Four pre-set speed levels
  • AUTO speed reduction
  • 270 Nm of torque
  • Optimized efficiency

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