Dewalt DWE305PK-LX

Dewalt DWE305PK-LX Reciprocating Saw Review

The Dewalt DWE305PK-LX is a tool with immense power because it has a powerful motor that gives you 1100 watts. If you are a DIY, there are so many projects you can do with this tool because it’s 29 mm stroke length cuts at 0 – 2900 SPM. You can control the speed of your cut easily at any time thanks to variable-speed triggers.

What’s the price?

 Is straight cutting something you want? With this Dewalt tool, you will be able to do that effortlessly compared to other tools however, a major drawback of this tool is the vibrations. If you can handle the vibrations, you should be able to cut like a professional even if you are an amateur or doing DIY for the first time.

Key Features

  • Durable and robust – DWE305PK-LX by Dewalt is perfect for professional use because it is made from strong materials. When you put the right blade, you will be able to saw through anything from metal, wood, Sheetrock, drywall, and much more with ease.
  • 4 different orientations – You can insert the blade on this tool in 4 different orientations. These are upwards, left, right, and downwards.  The 4 position blade clamp offers increased versatility and you can use this tool on pipes, wood, and steel thanks to an impressive cutting capacity on a variety of materials.
  • Powerful – It has a 29 mm stroke length and 2800 SPM which is impressive for a tool of its size. It has a very comfortable grip and a massive improvement from its predecessor.
  • Great current capacity – It has a wood cutting capacity or 280 mm, steel cutting capacity of 100 mm, and 130 mm cutting capacity for pipes.


  • Easy blade insertion and removal – Perhaps one of the biggest plus points of the DWE305PK-LX is its ability to allow you to change blades without the use of an Allen key or a screwdriver. Even if you haven’t used this tool or any other power tool before, you should be able to change blades when you wish easily.
  • Lightweight – coming in at 3.5 kilos in weight, this tool does pack a punch despite the size. You can not only use it for a long time without suffering from fatigue but you can store it with ease too without having to worry about space.
  • Heavy-duty carry bag – Not many manufacturers sell their tools together with a carry bag. It has to be bought separately however, Dewalt is not only known for providing good quality products, they also provide good customer service. When you buy this tool, you also get a heavy-duty carry bag that matches well with the saw for easy transportation.
  • Affordable price – prices of power tools these days do vary depending on where you look. Before you purchase you have to do your homework because there are expensive models out here they offer very little and cheaper models that offer more. This tool is budget-friendly and you get plenty of amazing features that are not found on expensive models.


  • The 1.8 metre power cord – People who work with tools that have a cord have a love-hate relationship with them. Some people don’t mind them while others despise the power cord because they see them as something that gets in the way of their work. The presence of a power cord on this tool means your reach will be restricted and might need to purchase extra accessories like an extension if the power sockets are far.
  • Minor vibrations – While this isn’t a huge concern, it is worth considering when buying this tool because that can contribute to fatigue. Aside from this, newbies and DIYers should have no issues with this tool

Final Verdict

Overall Dewalt DWE305PK-LX is a superb tool and a wonderful successor to the DW304PK because it is smooth, has very low vibrations, and is well balanced. The fact it comes with a carry bag gives it a slight edge over its rivals because this makes it easy for you to carry it around which is helped by just weighing 3.5 kgs. You don’t have to worry about Allen keys and screwdrivers to change blades because you can do it thanks to the keyless clamp. Its excellent cutting capacity makes light work of pipes, steel, and wood.

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  • 4 position blade clamp
  • Increased versatility
  • Keyless clamp
  • Lightweight
  • 110 Volts

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