Dewalt DCS367N

Dewalt DCS367N Brushless XR Compact Reciprocating Saw Review

The Dewalt DCS367N is a very unique tool that can handle some of the toughest applications you can throw at it. It is a great tool that has an 18 V brushless motor that has an impressive run time and increases the durability of the tool. Some of its key features that will be discussed in detail include fixed pivoting shoe, variable speed, LED light, and more.

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Key Features Of The DCS367N

  • Fixed pivoting shoe – This is a feature you don’t see every day on a saw but it is present on this one. It is there to increase your performance by giving a very high level of stability across the board. If you work with a tool that’s not stable, the quality of your cuts will be compromised. With the fixed pivoting shoe, you will be producing high-quality cuts and finishes that look professionally done even if you are a beginner and have never worked with a power tool before.
  • 4 position blade clamp – A saw needs to have the ability to allow you to make cuts at an angle no matter the material. This feature ensures you do that because it massively improves your access to cut. This makes it easy for you to produce excellent quality cuts as long as you keep a steady hand at an angle of your choice.
  • Optimum speed – The way speed works in power tools is, the higher the speed, the faster and efficient your cut will be. With Dewalt DCS367N, you are getting 2900 SPM. This will save you time, effort, and money plus it has a variable speed switch which gives you complete control of the speed of your cuts.


  • Lightweight and compact build- DIYers and professional tradesmen like to feel in control of their tools and not the other way around. A tool that is overpowering causing inaccuracies when cutting making your work less crisp. Dewalt made this machine compact and light because they wanted to make sure that users are in full control every time they pick it up and are very comfortable. Tools that are not comfortable to use can be very annoying to work with because they can affect your efficiency. Thankfully the manufacturers, in this case, took their time to make a machine they know their customers will enjoy using in tight spaces because it is only 363 mm long.
  • Can be used on a variety of materials – A professional tradesmen or just a casual DIY will have materials like metal, wood, and steel they need to cut either at home or work. Having a tool that can cut these 3 common materials is very important. Dewalt DCS367N offers you a stroke length of 28.6 mm which is more than most tools. You also get a wood cutting capacity of 300 mm, Steel Sections, and Pipes cutting capacity of 100 mm, and a  PVC cutting capacity of 160 mm.
  • LED light – The presence of the LED light on this machine should not be underestimated because it makes perfect sense. There are times where many DIYers or tradesmen only have time to work on their projects during the evening and that’s when visibility is at its lowest. It is hard to get a proper clean cut when you can’t see your materials clearly in a poorly lit room but the LED light illuminates the room providing you with better visibility.


  • No battery and charger supplied – Before you buy a power tool, you need to know exactly what you’ll be getting as some come with accessories and others don’t. With this machine, you need to buy the charger and battery separately because it doesn’t come with them. Other saws on the market with a charger and a battery, however, they are expensive.

Final Verdict

Overall the Dewalt DCS367N is a tool that will give you visibility in the dark thanks to an LED light and can be used on wood and metal. It is very easy to use since it’s not heavy and the 4 position blade clamp means you can cut in different angles and produce incredible results. The motor is located in the center for easy handling and if you want to change blades at any time, you don’t need special tools. You can do that with minimum effort making a user-friendly tool for beginners.

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  • Compact design
  • Improved balance
  • Four position blade clamp
  • Tool-free blade change
  • LED

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