Milwaukee M18FID2-0

Milwaukee M18FID2-0 Impact Driver Review

With an amazingly compact design, the Milwaukee M18FID2-0 is a tool that any professional or DIYer must own because it offers both power and fast driving speeds. They are not many impact drivers on the market that are as versatile as this one. To ensure that you get the best performance possible.

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This ensures the tool always performs at its maximum and protects it from over-discharge, heating and overloads. Not only that, this impact driver is packed with some incredible features which will be highlighted below.

M18FID2-0 Features

  • Drive control: 4 mode
  • It has REDLINK PLUS intelligence
  • Compact design
  • Length: 116mm
  • 0 – 4300IPM
  • 0 – 3600RPM
  • Weighs just 1kg
  • 18 volts


  • Powerful motor: The brand is known to put very powerful motors in their tools and they did a wonderful job with this impact driver. The brushless motor the tool has gives you 226Nm of torque. This makes you more productive and able to finish jobs around the house or on-site much quicker.
  • Very compact tool: Power tools that have been poorly designed make it hard for you to access tight space. Since the M18FID2-0 is only 116mm in length, you are able to access tight areas with ease.
  • Features REDLINK PLUS intelligence: This was very clever by Milwaukee to add this feature in their impact driver. Not only just it let you get the very best out of this tool, but also protect it from heating, overloads, and over-charge
  • 4 mode drive control: This feature allows you to have full control over speed and power, making it one of the most versatile drivers around. With 0-4300 IPM and 0-3600 RPM, this tool is worth every single penny.
  • Lightweight: When working with power tools, professionals or DIYers want to be comfortable with these machines in their possession especially if they work they are doing is outside on a hot summer day. Working with a heavy tool on a hot summer can drain your energy very quickly and make a task harder than it actually is.  At just 1kg, the M18FID2-0 is as light as it gets when it comes to power tools. Having something of this weight in your hands means less user fatigue and easy maneuverability. The tool works with you to get the task you want to be done not against you.
  • Durable: Tools that are able to stay with their owners for a very long time and withstand harsh conditions are made from strong materials. The company is known to use very strong materials on its power tools and even if you use this tool every day, it will not show any signs of wear for a very long time.  This is one of those tools you can use for years without having to worry about buying a new one anytime soon.
  • Reasonably priced product: No one wants to part ways with their hard-earned money and purchase a product that doesn’t deliver on its promises. This tool from Milwaukee is reasonably priced and delivers performance and quality all the time. It delivers on all the features that have been pointed out above like compact design, 116 mm in length, 0 – 4300 IPM, 0 – 3600 RPM and more


  • Requires batteries and they are not included on purchase: Most power tools on the market don’t need a battery because they have a cord, this tool requires batteries and they are sold separately. They don’t come included with the tool upon purchase which makes most customers feel let down as it would have been better if the battery was included in the purchase.


Even though it requires a battery and you need to purchase one before you use it, there is no denying that Milwaukee M18FID2-0 is perfect for both at home and on-site use. For the price you pay, this is an absolute bargain because you get a product that is very well designed, 116mm in length enabling you to reach tight spaces and super lightweight at just 1 kg.

The 4 mode drive control ensures you are in charge of the tool at all times by letting determine the amount of power you want to use for a particular task. Plus the REDLINK PLUS intelligence protects it from heating, overloads and over-charge.

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M18FID2-0 Rating


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  • Brushless motor
  • 4-mode drive control
  • Self-tapping screw mode
  • Single-handed bit insertion
  • LED light

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