BLACK+DECKER KW750K-GB 750W High Performance Rebating Planer Review

There a lot of tools you can use in cutting rebates from woods. And while most rebate planer producing companies claim to manufacture the most effective tools for rebating, the reverse is often the case when you purchase them. However, there are some good ones out there in the market, rebate planners like the BLACK+DECKER KW750K-GB rebating planer. And so today, we’ll be having a quick look at this very rebate planner, its features, why you should get it, and things to consider before purchasing them. So without further ado, let’s get on with it.

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The tool has a very impressive performance, not just because of its utmost accuracy, but also the easy control interfaces that it offers when being used. Another thing about this all-round planer is that you can afford to use it in any direction, thanks to its flexible dust extraction. Furthermore, the BLACK+DECKER 750w rebating planer has a pair of top quality reversible tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blades, which helps it last longer than any other type of planers. It also has a park rest which helps in guarding both the work material and the blades when resting, a handle that is designed to ease any form of stress when holding it, and a compartment for a dust emptying bag, which you can choose to attach to the planer for a better experience and net finishing.

When it comes to how powerful and durable the BLACK+DECKER KW750K-GB planer is, the planer comes with a robust 750w motor which is why you can never experience an overload with this rebating planer. In other words, if you won’t be experiencing any overload, you should understand that it will surely last longer than most rebating planers that often experience overloading. Furthermore, the tool is known for providing top quality finishes even when being used on hardwoods, thanks to its load-less drum speed of 16000 rpm, and twin TCT blades.

Like that wasn’t enough, they made sure that this time, its rebating planer’s grip would be the best amongst all other rebating planers. Thus, they made the 750w rebating grip from top quality aluminium which, in turn, helps in enhancing accuracy, and durability to the planer’s grips when being handled. And they didn’t just stop there. BLACK+DECKER who refused to rely on the 750w motor in preventing overload designed a belt drive to also assist in protecting against any form of motor overload, primarily when being used under demanding situations, such as hardwoods.

In respect to design, the 750w rebate planer has an ergonomic one which helps in enhancing the comfortability obtained when using this planner, and a left or right ejector which aids in making the planer so versatile. It can be used in resizing items like window frames, skirting boards, doors, and so on. Other than resizing, it can be used in smoothing a material surface before proceeding to finish the work.


As stated earlier, it has a robust and powerful 750 W motor

It houses a pair of high-quality TCT blades for a superior finish

Maximum 2 mm cut depth in 0.2 mm increments

It has a 12 mm rebate depth

It has soft-grip handles for comfort and control


It is easy to use

Has a comfortable handling grip

Has a powerful motor that prevents the occurrence of overloading

It is durable

It is multifunctional


The on/off switch malfunctions quickly.

It gets heavier when being held for a longer period.

The planer shavings tend to get blocked up when taking deeper cuts

The kit box size is unnecessarily big

The kit box size is unnecessarily big


So, there you go with the power horse KW750K-GB planer. However, before setting out to purchase this item, make sure you are buying them either directly from the manufacturers, or reputable online stores like Amazon. Also, just because the BLACK+DECKER tool is known to be a sturdy and durable planer, doesn’t mean you should be reckless with it. Instead, treat it with care as you would with other rebate planners by reading the guidelines, and following the dos and don’ts carefully.

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BLACK+DECKER 750W Planer Rating


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  • Two TCT blades
  • Robust and powerful
  • 0.2mm increments
  • Soft grip handles
  • 12mm rebate depth

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