Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li

Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li Cordless Drag, Crosscut and Mitre Saw Review

Einhell TE-SM 36/210 is one of the most flexible tools you can buy for woodworking jobs because it has some useful features. It is battery powered and for you to get the best results you need to use a 2.5 Ah plus rechargeable battery which must be purchased separately because it doesn’t come with this tool. When you use this battery, you will get a great run time which is long enough to get many light jobs done. Below is a look at more features that make this tool stand out.

Key Features

What’s the price?

  • Power X-Change series member – Since TE-SM 36/210 belongs to the PXC series family, any batteries and various other accessories can be used on this tool. It is recommended that you use the high-performance lithium-ion series batteries.
  • The clamping device – This feature on this tool is there to hold the workpiece securely in position while you’re working. The turntable that you also see on this tool has a precise angle adjustment facility for angular cuts. The saw head can be tilted up to 45 degrees to the left for miter cuts.
  • High-quality carbide-tipped precision saw blade – This blade has a thin body and grooves that were developed for cordless saws and delivers a fine cut no matter the material you use it on.
  • A cutting line laser and an LED light – These two features are there to help anyone who is getting accustomed to power tools because they ensure that cuts can be made quickly, accurately, and above safely. This incredible saw also has a sawdust bag or an adapter for an extractor that can be attached to a vacuum cleaner. All this helps you in keeping both the workplace and the air clean because if you breathe in too much dust, it can cause health issues.
  • X-Tend workpiece supports – These can easily be adjusted by you at any time with one hand and without the need for any extra tools. This makes it user-friendly too which is what any professional and DIY enthusiast needs.
  • Smooth draw function – This is there to make the tool suitable for wider workpieces which helps if you’re working with larger materials.


  • Portable – One would look at this tool at first glance and think that it isn’t portable but it is a very easy tool to move around thanks to its clever design.
  • Cheap – Even though the TE-SM 36/210 is bulky, it is one of the most affordable. Money that one can spend on power tools does vary from person to person and those with limited funds should have this tool on their shopping list because compared to high-end models, this one is reasonably priced.
  • Great run time – Runtime on this tool is fantastic if you use the 2.5 Ah plus rechargeable battery. This is one of the batteries that is highly recommended on this tool because you won’t need to charge it constantly.
  • Freedom – People like to have a sense of freedom when they are working with tools. DIYers and tradesmen do their best to avoid buying tools that restrict their freedom unless they have no choice. There are no wires or cable in the way which can interfere while one is working because they can get tangled up together.


  • No constant supply of power – Battery-powered Tools do not give you a constant supply of power like corded ones. You will need to place the tool on the charger every time the battery is low so that it is fully charged before you use it.
  • Accessories purchased separately and bulky – Batteries and chargers don’t come with your purchase and you need to buy them separately. At 15.7 kgs, this tool is very heavy and is best suited for professionals rather than beginners.

Final Thoughts

The Einhell TE-SM 36/210 has a built quality that is second to none and is ready to use straight from the box. It is clear to see that many people like the freedom this tool gives them because no cords or wires are getting in the way which could potentially cause injuries. The power that this tool has often caught a lot of people by surprise and the LED light is there to help you see what you’re cutting in the dark.

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  • Member of the PXC series
  • Smooth draw function
  • High-performance
  • LED light
  • Cutting line laser

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