Makita 4350FCT

Makita 4350FCT 240V 720W Orbital Action Jigsaw Review

If you are a DIYer that is looking for an accurate, comfortable, and powerful jigsaw from a brand you can trust, you should be looking to buy the Makita 4350FCT. There are many people out there who make their living using power tools and are often confused when it comes to picking a jigsaw that is right for them.

You don’t have to break the bank with this tool because it is very affordable and whether you are experienced or not, you’ll have no issues using this power tool. To keep your cut line free of debris and clear, there is a built-in dust blower on the tool for some extra accuracy. When you buy this too you get 6 blades, an anti-splintering device, a cover plate, wrench, and a tool case.

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Key Features Of The 4350FCT

  • Powerful motor – This tool is not perfect but it does have plenty of things that work in its favor like the motor. This tool has a 720-watt motor which delivers speeds of between 800 – 2800 SPM.
  • 3 Orbital setting – While many multipurpose jigsaws on the market can cut different materials, some are specifically designed to cut a certain particular material like wood or metal only. This feature allows you to use this tool on a variety of materials without having to buy another jigsaw.
  •  Low noise and vibration – Noise and vibration are two things that come with using power tools. The good news is that Makita 4350FCT has the lowest noise level in its class which is great for people who hate loud tools plus it vibrates 40% less than others.
  • Built-in LED light – Lighting is very important when you are using power tools to cut material. Plenty of injuries do happen to a lot of people when they try to finish their projects in poorly lit rooms. This LED light this tool has can be used to illuminate the room you’re in so that you can see what you’re cutting for better accuracy. The electronic speed controls help you maintain speed.


  • Easy to use – very heavy tools can be tricky for some people to use. With a weight of just 5.7 pounds and measuring 236mm in length, this tool is slightly heavier than most on the market. Despite this, it is very easy to use with many people praising its maneuverability.
  • Tool-less blade change system – This is a wonderful system that enables easy and fast blade removal. It also works just as easy and fast when it comes to installation.
  • Die-cast aluminum base and dust blower – You can adjust the base up to 45 degrees left or right and positive stop at 90 degrees to ensure you have a solid cutting performance. The dust blower clears your line of cut to ensure your accuracy is maintained.
  • Ergonomically designed – Makita 4350FCT has a rubberized top handle grip. This feature adds an extra layer of comfort when you’re using the tool to help you deal with tiredness if you intend to use it for a long time.
  • Onboard hex wrench – This wrench allows for quick and easy accurate bevel adjustments when you need them plus it also uses Tang shank blades.


  • The tool gets hot sometimes – There have been some people who have reported that this tool tends to heat up when in use. This is something that one needs to be aware of when they buy this tool to prevent any accidents from happening.
  • The plastic guide for the blade sometimes pops out – This is also another issue many people have reported where the plastic guide for the blade pops out during use. If you are not careful, you can suffer a serious injury.

Final Verdict

It is clear that Makita 4350FCT has more positives than negatives. While it might not be for everyone, a few things it guarantees are comfort, power, and top quality cutting performance. Apart from the color, many people love how easy it is to change blades on this tool. Not many people are fans of tools that make it difficult to change blades on the fly. The LED light is a great addition to the tool because if you are in a room with poor lighting, simply turn it on to see clearly.


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  • Sturdy adjustable base
  • Double insulated
  • Built-in job light
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration

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