Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E

Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E Corded 240V Sabre Saw Review

If you want to add variety to your set of tools, you need to buy the Bosch GSA 1100 E. People have very busy lives these days juggling a career and family life. If you are one of those people who can only do your DIY projects in the evening, this tool is an excellent buy because it has a LED light. This feature allows you to see things clearly in the dark and be more accurate with your cuts.

What’s the price?

It is powered by an 1100 W motor which gives you a high level of performance. When you’re cutting metal, you get a depth of 20 mm and 230 mm when you’re cutting wood. It is not just wood and metal you can use this saw on, you can cut plastic, stoke, and concrete. To properly understand this Bosch tool in greater detail, one has to know it’s key features. Below is a list of all the key features that make people buy this sabre saw.

Key Features

  • Hook – It is all well and good having a powerful, however, how you store it is very important too. You have to make sure that your tools are stored properly all the time and this sabre saw has a metal hook that can be used to hang when not in use or in between tasks.
  • Firm grip – This is all down to the ergonomic handle on this tool which offers you comfort. You can use the GSA 1100 E with confidence knowing that you won’t lose your grip and the quality of your cut will be top quality.
  • Swift switches – Blade changing is something that has to happen when you are working with a power tool as one type of blade is not ideal for all materials. This sabre saw is equipped with the Bosch SDS tool-less system meaning you don’t need a screwdriver or any other tool to switchblades.
  • Speed – The one thing that DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen can all agree on when it comes to power tools is they all like tools that can make light work out of any material. This tool can generate so much power thanks to the 1100 W motor allowing you to cut materials faster. When you are cutting wood, the maximum cutting depth for wood is 230 mm while the cutting depth for metal is 20 mm.
  • Illuminated view – There are plenty of saws on the market that doesn’t have an LED light installed in them. This Bosch tool has an integrated LED light which ensures you can see your surroundings even when you’re working in the dark.


  • Lightweight – Tools that don’t weigh much are not only easy to handle but easy to store too. Weighing just 3.6 kgs, you will be working with a tool that doesn’t strong-arm you but one that works with you to get the jobs you’re doing done.
  • Doesn’t need charging – As expected with all corded tools, there is no need to charge them since they are not battery powered, you can use this sabre saw for as long as you wish as long as it is plugged into a power source.
  • Versatile tool – This heavy-duty corded sabre saw can be used stone, concrete, non – ferrous metals, plastic, and wood.
  • No vibrations – If you are worried about vibrations, the news is good on that front. You don’t have to worry about any vibration when you use the GSA 1100 E meaning your cuts will be far more accurate compared to one that vibrates.


  • Restricted reach – Since the tool has a 10-foot power cord, your reach might be limited compared to battery-powered tools.
  • Potential accidents – if you are careless around corded tools, you can end up tripping on the wires and suffering serious injuries.

Final Verdict

Overall the Bosch GSA 1100 E is a great tool that is ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind. The rubber coating around it ensures your grip is firm at all times and you are very accurate with your cuts. The Bosch SDS tool-less blade changing system it has means you don’t have to purchase any additional tools to change the blades. The metal hook can be used to hang the saw up between work or simply for storage.

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  • Integrated LED
  • 1100W motor
  • Metal hook
  • SDS
  • Rubber-coated gear housing

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